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Lluís Montserrat
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My C & D drives are partitioned with 35GB, but my C drive

Pregunta del cliente

My C & D drives are partitioned with 35GB, but my C:\ drive only has 300mb space left while my D drive (programmes) has 26gb left. I am constantly getting messages saying my C drive space is critical. Please advise how I can change the sizes between the 2 drives to give me more available space on C?
Enviada: hace 6 año.
Categoría: Electrónica
Experto:  Lluís Montserrat escribió hace 6 año.

Hi, thanks for using JustAnswer to solve your problems.

Well, unfortunately you can not resize or move to another hard drive GB, if not from a formatting system, where you can tell how you want your partitions.

Once they are already created, you can not offer more or less space to another partition.

You will have to proceed to format the system to decide how you want to distribute GB.

That if, before you format, you have to save all data (files, music, pictures, text, etc.)..

The programs can not recover, you need to download and install.

Anyway, if you get stuck at some point, can you tell me and I without any problem I will try to solve.

I await further developments. A hug!

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Experto:  Lluís Montserrat escribió hace 6 año.

been able to resolve the problem?

Thank you.