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I recently purchased a Kodak Play Sport camcorder. I cant

Pregunta del cliente

I recently purchased a Kodak Play Sport camcorder. I can't upload any videos. When I plug in the device to my computer I get an error flag stating"application not found. I then tried using the Kodak High Speed 4gb card and got the same flag. HELP! I need my answer in English
Enviada: hace 6 año.
Categoría: General
Experto:  Abogado3044 escribió hace 6 año.

Have you tried to upload the software of it?

If you dont have may be you can download at the official web of the provider...

Cliente: escribió hace 6 año.
Look, I don't think a lawyer is the person I should be dealing with. And as I stated before I NEED MY ANSWERS IN ENGLISH!
Experto:  ratonxi escribió hace 6 año.
hi! Tranks for using JustAnswer:

Try opening the memory card through the card reader. Connect the card, go to My computer, and then right click over the drive, and in the menu, click on "explore". If you cannot see the content of the card you probably have a corrupted memory card. Also, you can open the drive through the Kodak software for your camcorder- I think you don't have installed the original program, that's why you receive the "application not found" message. You can go here . Try only installing the software, not upgrading the software on your camcorder. This will install the original software that come with you camcorder.

Regards! Don't forget to accept my answer if it was useful to you!

Cliente: escribió hace 6 año.
where do I find My computer?
Experto:  ratonxi escribió hace 6 año.
Press the start buttom, at the bottom left of the screen. In that menu you can see the My Computer icon (Mi Pc un Spanish). You are using Windows, aren't you?
Cliente: escribió hace 6 año.
besides the problem with the Kodak camcorder and the card I get the same flag with my Nikon cameras card i can't download either

Experto:  ratonxi escribió hace 6 año.
ok, If this happens with any other memory card, it seems like a virus problem. To remove the flag, follow these steps:

Go to command prompt, click on start, and then on run, and write on the promt the following.

attrib -s -r -h X:\autorun.inf

press enter and then write

del X:\autorun.inf

You have to change the letter X, for the label of your SD card reader. For example, if your card reader is in the F:\ drive, you should change the lines to something like this:

attrib -s -r -h F:\autorun.inf

del F:\autorun.inf

press enter, disconnect the card reader and then reconnect it. This should solve your problem.

I will recommend you to install some anti-virus software, for example Avast which is free.