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I have a website online and frequently am getting emails from

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I have a website online and frequently am getting emails from clients about a competitor that is charging money for products, but never send the product to the client. They obviously have a huge fraud going on. Our problem is that we are in Mexico and the authorities dont do much, this site has been online for four months and takes in A Lot of money. However, they use many American companies, hosting, skype, advertising companies, to get the fraud done. They also use an account in hsbc mexico to receive the payments from customers. What can be done to get the American companies to stop rendering their services to this crook, and hopefully get them to stop doing business. We have a hard time convincing our clients to buy after they have had their money stolen. It not only affects us, but all companies that do business online, the clients dont trust internet transactions anymore.
Enviada: hace 6 año.
Categoría: General
Experto:  Abogado3044 escribió hace 6 año.



The same problem is in almost every country and very few things could de done because this people are in countries where the law is very soft.

The beeter way to fight against them is on the web, chats, foros, because police almost nothing could do.

The police only take care with minors rigths and pedofilia.

Cliente: escribió hace 6 año.
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