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Ing. Navas
Ing. Navas, Ingeniero
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what is the aba number or routing number for my bank account is

Pregunta del cliente

what is the aba number or routing number for my bank account
is it part of the account number or how do i find it its a checking account but i dont have or use checks with it
Enviada: hace 4 año.
Categoría: General
Experto:  Ing. Navas escribió hace 4 año.

My name is XXXXX XXXXX have reached the JustAnswer Answering Service.

May I know the name of your Bank?

Can you tell me more details about this issue?
Cliente: escribió hace 4 año.

the bank is hsbc and the account is in mexico. account type cuenta flexible

Experto:  Ing. Navas escribió hace 4 año.

The "Routing Number" is an ID that Identify the Bank's Branch that manages your account.

I need you to call the Bank's Agency where you opened the account, but given tha fact that is Sunday afternoon, it is close at the moment, so, if you are in the Mexico DF call 5721- 3390 and provide any information required so they cal help you with this ID#.

If you some where else call 01800(NNN) NNN-NNNN both are 24/7 attention.

Any thing else that I can do for you?

* Please, remember to rate the quality of my answer.
Cliente: escribió hace 4 año.

i have my account contract in front of me and for the numero de cuenta is 10 digits the cis is 8 digits what is the cis number. clabe is 18 digits and the person that assisted me when i opened the account wrote on the page codigo de ruta but it is letters not numbers and it is 8 letters further more i am trying to apply for a cash advance is why i need it and on the application for this area is asking for numbers not letters


Experto:  Ing. Navas escribió hace 4 año.
...I have no reference about "CIS" number, must be an internal reference number, but is not for outsiders use.
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Experto:  Ing. Navas escribió hace 4 año.
...is this "CIS" number in the lower right corner?
Cliente: escribió hace 4 año.

not a clue i have a checkless checking account

Experto:  Ing. Navas escribió hace 4 año.
...The question about the "CIS number" is because HSBC use a CIS code number to identify the documents.

Did you call the bank to ask about the data that you needed?