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In Spanish bankruptcy law can your principal home (where you

Pregunta del cliente:

In Spanish bankruptcy law can your principal home (where you and your wife live) be forcibly sold to pay off the debt if it is jointly owned by your wife and her sister?
Enviada: hace 4 año.
Categoría: Legal
Experto:  Abogado3044 escribió hace 4 año.

Abogado3044 : Hi
Abogado3044 : I am sorry to have bad News because the answer its positive, it could be sold out in all cases
Abogado3044 : Its no matter if its your main home or not
Abogado3044 : There are some little exceptions but the regular rule is that it could be sold
Abogado3044 : thank you

What if we sell the home to my sister-in-law and her husband, so that both me and my wife are only tenants and don't own the property anymore?

Abogado3044 : It could be a criminal offence
Abogado3044 : its a criminal offence to sell out without página detbts
Abogado3044 : its a criminal offence to sell without paying your debts

My sister-in-law and her husband paid off our mortgage last September and we agreed to transfer part of the deed to them to the value of the repaid mortgage (€120.000). We do not have any debts right now. The court case is not for two months and I do not know if I will win or lose. If we sell the house to my wife's sister before then for the full catastral value, are we still doing anything wrong?

Abogado3044 : No, if you sell out before you got debts, its perfectly legal
Abogado3044 : thelegal the point is to do it before you got debts

Okay, that is good to know. I am not trying to be dishonest here but we may lose our house for a claim against us which was just €10.000 and which I am contesting. But the legal fees of the claimant are more than €40.000, which I do not have in the bank to pay. The house cost €600.000 but due to the crisis is now only worth €300.000. So we will lose everything if I lose the case. I just want to protect our home by selling it to our relatives before the case is decided in the UK. Is that legal?

Abogado3044 :

Yes it is

Abogado3044 :

You coulde sell it out after you got some debts


Thank you!

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