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Dr. Maldonado
Dr. Maldonado, Médico
Categoría: Medicina
Clientes satisfechos: 8541
Experiencia:  Especialista en medicina familiar. Mas de 12 años de experiencia. Tutor de residentes.
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I have the following issue This girl has a 28 day regular

Pregunta del cliente

I have the following issue:

This girl has a 28 day regular cycle, being january 10 her first day of last menstrual period. We had unprotected sex january 23. She took 4 dose of yuzpe method at 12:50pm and threw up at 4:00pm. Then she took the other dose at 7:00pm and threw up at 9:00pm. She hasn't felt any symptoms so far and took a blood pregnancy test on february 8 (her period was due the 7). The test was negative but she still hasn't got her period (4 days late). When should she retake the test? Can her period be affected by the yuzpe dose? Can an ultrasound be done to check for pregnancy?
Enviada: hace 7 años.
Categoría: Medicina
Experto:  Dr. Maldonado escribió hace 7 años.
The Yuzpe method may have affected the cycle. To get a new pregnancy test wait 3-4 days more. The ultrasound is far more reliable, but should expect to have your few more days. Greetings
Cliente: escribió hace 7 años.
today is 1 week after late period...she's felt morning nausea and a pain in left abdomen starting saturday...she parties almost every night and drinks, eats at wrong hours, can this be it? can she be pregnant even though the yuzpe dose described above? in the event she is, how complicated would an abortion be at this stage?
Experto:  Etchaguren escribió hace 7 años.
If she took properly the yuzpe dose you said, it's almost impossible to be pregnant. However, she should stop taking alcohol, sometimes it can reduce the effectiveness of those treatments or create mixing symptoms. Probably she isn't pregnant, but just in case, told her that shouldn't take alcohol and to get a pregnancy test.

P.D: It's totally normal to suffer menstruation problemns the month after taking juzpe.

Editado por Etchaguren el 15/02/2011 a las 6:04 EST
Experto:  Dr. Maldonado escribió hace 7 años.
I still believe that is not pregnant and that the disorder is due to the Yuzpe method. However, in the hypothetical case that it was an abortion in the first weeks is simple and gives very few complications. To be more calm that make a vaginal ultrasound. Greetings
Dr. Maldonado, Médico
Categoría: Medicina
Clientes satisfechos: 8541
Experiencia: Especialista en medicina familiar. Mas de 12 años de experiencia. Tutor de residentes.
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Cliente: escribió hace 7 años.
she had a 5 weeks and 2 days since lmp ultrasound and the dr found nothing...her period is still late and the dr said it may have been because of the yuzpe dose...could a negative 5 week ultrasound be wrong or can i consider that a final answer?
Experto:  Dr. Maldonado escribió hace 7 años.
If the ultrasound is negative pregnancy can be ruled out completely.