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Eduardo-Toyota, Mecánico
Categoría: Toyota
Clientes satisfechos: 32
Experiencia:  Mecánico con 30 años de experiencia en la solución de problemas del automóvil y amplia trayectoria en marca Toyota
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You dont seem to understand the problem. I was driving my

Pregunta del cliente

You dont seem to understand the problem. I was driving my 2002 Landcruiser that is in mint condition. All of a sudden I heard a terrible screeching sound like I was going over heavy metal grating. The sound lasted for 3 second at 70MPH.
Another 1/2 mile and the sound once again started but this time did not stop and caused the engine to brake. When I pulled off the road the truck was still running but stepping on the gas did not move without this terrible grinding sound like a chain in the engine was grinding away. I turned off the key and fooled around with the*****changer shift and wondered if that would help.It did not. I could have continued to a safer place but the grinding noise even at 10mph was the same. I had no idea what it was so I called a tow truck and the Landcruiser was towed to a Mechanic.When the truck was taken off the flatbed the owner of the shop a top rated mechanic ask me to get inside so maybe we were able to go few feet she could here the noise. This is where the mystery comes in. The truck started up and drove perfect of at least 20 minutes at all speeds and did not make a single sound. It was the same as it always was quiet and fast.
Going back to the garage they checked all the fluids etc. and they were all perfect. The trans fluid was tested in all positions and was perfect. About 2 months prior to this happening the raw broken chain like sound sound happened
while ai was driving. It only lasted for 2 seconds at 70 mph so I did not think the noise was coming from the car I thought the road had lines in it that alert you when you are facing asleep like some of the sides of the roads in Florida.
The sound is so loud the only way I can describe it is like a chain hitting the engine or something metal hitting something. I cannot locate the sound exactly but I would say it was under the hood. Today I used the truck locally and there was no problem. I am 74 years old and if this problem is not fixed I must dump the truck since I am restricted now to local driving. About 2 years ago Toyota in Florida did a $3000 complete engine job and timing belts, hoses, injectors etc since I was driving the Truck to Mexico.The truck made it with no problem at all. I am offering a bonus to the mechanic that can understand this mystery that most days the truck drives great..and then every week or 2 weeks sound like a chain is stuck on the fan belt causing a horrible sound sound. The engine light does not go on the truck just has no power to move forward after this happens...but the it does work an hour or so later. GOOD LUCK.
Enviada: hace 3 meses.
Categoría: Toyota
Experto:  fernandoivars escribió hace 3 meses.

How many miles does your truck have?

Cliente: escribió hace 3 meses.
The truck has 170,000 and has been serviced by Toyota since new. About 2 years ago the changed the timing belt and everything else that had to be changed to get the car in perfect condition. There has been no problem with the truck at all. Oil change every 5000 miles and the engine is as quiet as a new car. The car does not burn any oil. Maybe 1/2 liter in 5000 miles. Now I cannot use the truck since I am an old man and cannot get stuck in the middle of the road.
As I stated before that the noise is so loud like a chain banging something inside the front of the truck.
And as I also stated yesterday I made short local trips with the truck and no problem. And as I also stated the mechanic after the truck was towed drove the truck at different speeds and braked it at different spends for 30 minutes and it worked like a new truck. Something is causing this problem. I know nothing about engines. Right now the truck is running. When this noise happened and I pulled off the road the truck would not move forward at all even when giving it gas but the engine was running and the clanking was there. No engine light on.
Cliente: escribió hace 3 meses.
If you want I can call you but would that help solve the mystery?
Cliente: escribió hace 3 meses.
This is a 2002 LandCrusier not the normal type of Truck.
Experto:  fernandoivars escribió hace 3 meses.

Maybe it's just a piece that's about to break

Experto:  fernandoivars escribió hace 3 meses.


Experto:  fernandoivars escribió hace 3 meses.

Could do a diagnostic analysis to know that is causing that noise

Experto:  fernandoivars escribió hace 3 meses.

My experience says that it is not a serious problem, it is a bearing that is about to break

Experto:  fernandoivars escribió hace 3 meses.

What bearing? I would not know, I do not have your truck with me

Cliente: escribió hace 3 meses.
Sorry to bother you but are you referring to a wheel bearing? What type of bearing would you think from your expertise it could be. Would a bearing that is about to break allow me to drive the car for 2 months without the sound and then the sound comes back again? Now the noise is gone. If the bearing was going to break how would the truck drive so well now. What bearings would you check? Thanks
Cliente: escribió hace 3 meses.
I know nothing about engines but your answer makes no sense to me. The reason is that the truck will not move after I pull off the road since the hammering sound I cannot drive it. When I pull off the road to stay in the emergency lane and try to move the truck it will not move no matter how much gas I give it. If it was a bearing wouldn't the truck move. Does a bearing get worse as the engine heats up? Do you think its a well bearing since I just had a complete brake and shock job done on the car 5 months ago. The sound is not a rubbing sound the sound is like going over hundreds of iron rods in the road.
Experto:  fernandoivars escribió hace 3 meses.

If the bearing can be to be broken and continues to run until it breaks

Experto:  fernandoivars escribió hace 3 meses.

But one day it breaks, we do not know when

Experto:  fernandoivars escribió hace 3 meses.

do not is the engine

Experto:  fernandoivars escribió hace 3 meses.

another question

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