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J.Redford, Ortopeda
Categoría: Traumatología
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Experiencia:  Doctor en Medicina y Cirugía(Sobresaliente Cum Laude)
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I injured my Achilles Tendon , I think by wearing very flat

Pregunta del cliente

I injured my Achilles Tendon , I think by wearing very flat shoes for too long. I have been taking Ibuprufen 600 when the pain is bad. It is now 4months and although much better I have not been able to do my 5 mile a day walk. I ave been wearing a raised heel which helps but is there anything else I can do?
Enviada: hace 5 año.
Categoría: Traumatología
Experto:  J.Redford escribió hace 5 año.
Hello, welcome to JustAnswer and thank you very much for your question.
I´m orthopaedic surgeon, and i´ll try to help you.

You have done well putying high heels as this does not force the tendon. 4 months ago, at first, it would have been very convenience an "intense" rest; but now, 4 months later, it would be advisable to perform an examination by an orthopedic surgeon and perhaps request an ultrasound or MRI as there may be partial tears of the Achilles tendon. If all is ok, you may do tendon stretching exercises for several weeks. I attach a good link where are explained. http://www.sld.cu/galerias/pdf/sitios/rehabilitacion-doc/distrofiamuscular.pdf

So, in order to be sure that there is no a minor tear of your tendon (which has potencially dangers ), I recomend you looking for a general practitioner or an orthopedic surgeon.

If you have any other questions or has not been completely clear my answer, can make me follow up questions at no charge.
If my answer has been helpful, please be so kind as to accept it by clicking the green button "Accept Answer".
Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX you get better.
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Cliente: escribió hace 5 año.
I am 63 years old, very healthy, good Medditereanen diet. Recently all my finger nails have been splitting inthe middle and then flaking off well below the nail bed. I am taking 'nail supplements' but nothing has helped. Any ideas?
Experto:  J.Redford escribió hace 5 año.
Hello, welcome to JustAnswer and thank you very much for your question.

Unfortunately, the problem of nails is often caused by several factors acting together, so that is not usually possible to eliminate the problem quickly and with a single procedure. These causes can be local, (for example, harmful agents that directly affect hands and nails), or systemic, like general diseases.

One typical local illness is fungal infection of the nails (onychomycosis), for which effective treatments already exist that usually achieve recovery, slow but complete nails.

But in many other cases, nails show alterations and tendency to open in layers or fracture with minor trauma or friction, common in everyday tasks.In these cases, the problem may be systemic diseases that may affect the nails (especially anemia, endocrine disease, kidney or liver disorders or vitamin deficiencies: E vitamin).
It is also possible that the problem is drug-induced, as a large number of drugs can slowly alter the normal growth of the nails.

therefore, I recommend you consult your doctor just in case it were a fungus problem (it´s necessary to see the nails to get the correct diagnosis)

Kind regards and good luck.