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in 2010 we purchased a new Ford Edge. After several months

Pregunta del cliente

in 2010 we purchased a new Ford Edge. After several months I noticed problems with the transmission and contacted the salesman for his take. We had a whining sound at about 55 mph and an intermittent shifting problem. Being intermittent it was difficult for the Ford mechanic to diagnose a problem. We have had the car in at least 4 times for trans. repairs the last time being about a year ago when they removed it from the car, disassembled and replaced some parts. I contacted the service department again earlier this month about the current problems; slips when cold shifting from second to third, hard downshifts and delayed upshifts.

We are scheduled in for repairs on the 20th of June ( we are currently in La Paz Mexico) and when I asked for a new or remanufactured transmission the service writer said they would most likely not approve it but would approve a repair.

I'm tired of all the trips in to get service, the inconvenience etc. The lemon law should work in this case - but I would prefer to place pressure on the Service Manager and Regional Manager to get a new transmission. How do I go about it without sounding like a cry baby but being forceful with the proper legal rights.
Enviada: hace 5 años.
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Experto:  lic.rso escribió hace 5 años.
Dear sir:

In mexico, we dont have exactly the lemmon law, as you coment us, what you need to do is to set a complaint in PROFECO is the government office in charge that solves problems between consumers, in this case you and providers, in this case the service manager and regional manager, and what PROFECO its going to do is set a meeting between the involved parts of the problem and try to arrive to a solution, in your case get a new transmission of your car.

If you have more questions i will be glad you to help you, otherwise i ask you to accept my answer.
Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
Actually we are in Mexico on a long vacation. We live in California and will be returning mid June.
Sorry for the confusion.
Experto:  elsen01 escribió hace 5 años.

if you bought the car in Mexico you need to go to the PROFECO to file a complaint against de manufacturer and the seller.

here we don't have the lemon law

Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
We purchased the car in the United States, California, in July 2010. The car has always been serviced at the same dealership since we purchased it.