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Mecánico Juan Ramón
Mecánico Juan Ramón, Mecánico
Categoría: Coche
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hello ive still not had had an answer why this reduced engine

Pregunta del cliente

hello ive still not had had an answer why this reduced engine power is making the truck not run ,
Enviada: hace 5 años.
Categoría: Coche
Experto:  Mecánico Juan Ramón escribió hace 5 años.

good morning

do yu have a expert with you questions? i mean about your questions?

thats if you dont. i could answering your questions.

only if you want to need it. ok

so i will be expecting by this.

thanks alot

Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
i really need help on this in english ok
Experto:  Mecánico Juan Ramón escribió hace 5 años.


sendme your answer and i will try to helpe you with this, so . firts explainme your questions or your problem .ok

Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
yup i need an answer
Experto:  Mecánico Juan Ramón escribió hace 5 años.

first that we have to do is a scanering to you truck. why because with that we know what really hapened wiht this truck knowling the failury codes. but if wi have a answer will be,

1.- Clean de intectors echa bay one.

2.- change filters, gas or gasoil...diessel

3.- check relays and fuel pump.

4.-check the timing chain. this could be wasted. and not work very well.so then we need,Wiring harness of conexion can be the solucion. but try to do more many things. ok

I told earlier of replacing the throttle body sensor as a result of getting a check engine light and a readout on the Driver Info Center of "Reduced Engine Power." I then said a few thousand miles later I got the same problem. This time, it was a wire that had come loose in the throttle body sensor, so they replaced the wiring assembly and the harness for the throttle body sensor, and all is well again. this that i said before.

next chec de computer of you truck. and then we read this Unfortunately, after reading the manual there are several reasons that you could
see "reduced engine power" message. (the first two that come to mind are related
to the DEF and the transmission - I doubt you were overheated since this was the
first start of the day - but perhaps a sensor is malfunctioning in one of those
systems) we need to check it. again next if possibl change the gasoli or diessel one better and more quality.this could be good.

after.otgher thing i say You probably should take it to the stealership and have them
scan it but it could quite possibly have something to do with the electronic
throttle control Most likely the throttle body a somwhat common problem on the
trucks with the 5.3 and 6.0 with electronic throttle control the
electronic throttle control is what triggers the reduced engine power and not run.

wel iam glad to help you and reciv all my regards XXXXX XXXXX hoppe tah you can doit and all is possible.thanks a lot of you

Experto:  Mecánico Juan Ramón escribió hace 5 años.

i will be all the time, till finaly. we can find the answer and your truck run faster tahn other,


Experto:  Mecánico Juan Ramón escribió hace 5 años.

read this egain Me and blocksflipped were working with the double din because I had the ignition
wire running to the fuse "TBC ACCY" and it wasnt turning on for some reason.
When I bought the truck a month or 2 ago there was a yellow wire running to the
"AUX" fuse and I never bothered it because I didnt know what it did or where it
ran. So while we were messing around with the ignition wire from the radio we
decided to pull this yellow wire out and put the radio ignition wire in the "IGN
0" fuse. Started the truck up and the double din was working. I also have
interior LEDs and the power wire wasn't connected so we put it to the "AUX 20"

I recently installed 55w 6000k HIDS in my high beams and have 35w
5000k in my low beams. We jump in my truck so I could show him how to high beams
were and they were on for a while and on the way back my truck all of a sudden
says "Reduced Engine Power" in the service center on the gauge cluster. I pull
over and shut the truck off and start it back up, put it in gear and the message
pops back up and the truck almost sort of stalled out. So i turn it off and we
take the radio ignition wire and put it back on the "TBC ACCY" fuse and take the
interior LEDs power wire off of the "AUX 20" fuse and started the truck up and
it ran fine.

When we got back to his house we put the power wires back
to the fuses that they were originally on and the double din works fine? I
searched and it said somewhere that the HID's needed a relay? I bought these
HID's from DDM and I'm not sure if I have a relay on them or not simple because
I'm an idiot and don't know what that is.


RANDOM YELLOW WIRE--> Not connected


Im not sure if the HID's are the problem but it
is coincidental because I was showing them off when this happened problem,

or what is your really question abaut your truck. chek all taha i had send you. read each one of them. and tray to do it.only i want to server you, check again There is a throttle actuator (drive by wire) on your truck, it is defective and
therefore it goes out of spec. What they will have to do is replace the actuator
and re-program it for the new tolerance.

thats all for today and i hoppe you can find the answer, and dont forget give me a ggood point only if you want.

see you later.

check this too


Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
i have another just answer working on problem , no one can figure this out ok tkx
Experto:  Mecánico Juan Ramón escribió hace 5 años.

yest tellme about it. iam expecting to you and if you can say why is your new just ans. i try to hoppe you again. ok

thanks a lot of you

Experto:  Mecánico Juan Ramón escribió hace 5 años.

a ok can you explain me i can understand that you say about this.

excuseme please.