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elsen01, Máster
Categoría: Derecho Civil
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I owe $37,00 in what I thought was a credit card but was informed

Pregunta del cliente

I owe $37,00 in what I thought was a credit card but was informed today that it was a cash infusion?. Bank of America is willing to settle for #30 percent of money owed. I do not have the the #30 percent. I could pay $5,000.00 but it is not enough for them.
We tried to declare bankrupcy but we are not living in the US, don't have a house in the US, no savings account, just a checking account. All the income we have is the money we withdraw on my husband's IRA, and we have to pay penalties as he is withdrawing the money and he is not 59 and a half.I will be getting social security in 3 months.We do have a home overseas.
What is the worse case scenario to look for.
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Categoría: Derecho Civil
Cliente: escribió hace 6 años.
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I have not had an answer in 4 days
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If they do not accept his offer the bank will try to look for goods or rights of you who could impede.

Between these goods are the social security pensions you got.


You can be denounced by fraud, and sanctioned by the corresponding santion



Experto:  elsen01 escribió hace 6 años.

what I don't understand is why do you have a cash infusion, that normally happens when a company is low on funds an needs money to pay for incoming obligations.

do you owned a bussiness? o why did you got that money?

With what you tell me I can say that you maybe facing a fraud charge if you recived the money and won't pay, on the other hand your income from your social security may be used to pay for this