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What is the process when the spanish courts have ordered for

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what is the process when the spanish courts have ordered for your house to be seized
Hello good afternoon. My name is ***** ***** work as a lawyer in Spain. For the data provided it refers to understand that the order to leave the house. There is within 30 days. If that deadline is not going to leave they may force housing. If you have further questions you can keep asking and if you do not have'd appreciate that valued my answer with stars 3-5 since otherwise the expert does not charge for their time. Thank you very much for your trust and receive a warm welcome.
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Cliente: escribió hace 2 años.
The case is a little complicated...but basically ..I am half owner of my apartment with my sister..The apartment is my home with my daughter of 13 years old I have paid the mortgage all the time..my mother died 4 years ago and my sister was given everything in my mothers will of which half my apartment is in her name .the apartment is in negative equity therefore there is no financial gain to be received by anyone..
Is there any point in going ahead with this case for my sister? And do I need to find ßomewhere to live?
Cliente: escribió hace 2 años.
Will the courts go ahead with this case?
If you can pursue the case in court if the debt is not paid. Sorry but legally so.
Cliente: escribió hace 2 años.
Is there any point to pursue the case or should I just leave the apartment?
Cliente: escribió hace 2 años.
The bank owns the apartment so how can the courts take it?
Cliente: escribió hace 2 años.
The debt is being paid by me I pay the mortgage...
He should know all the details of your case to answer fully but if you are paying the mortgage could reach some agreement with the bank. Try to negotiate with the bank.
Cliente: escribió hace 2 años.
I have spoken to the bank before and they say they always come first and no one can take it including the court without their consent. .in fact until the total.mortgage is paid....so why do my sisters lawyers try to pursue this case? They cost her a great deal.of money.. and now the Spanish courts have an order to seize the.apartment...what authority do they have above the bank.
As told he would have to know all the details of the case. My advice is that you contact your attorney to explain the situation because I do not know because there is this embargo on housing. But can you afford that house yet and left without any charge.
Cliente: escribió hace 2 años.
Thank you for your help
...yes I can pay for he house but only by mortgage...I will se my lawyer tommorrow.If you can answer any more of the questions I would be very grateful
Manylon thanks
Talk to your lawyer to know the possibilities and wish him luck in management. If you have further questions I keep on hand to what you need. Thank you very much for your trust and receive a warm welcome.