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Dr. Navas Benavides
Dr. Navas Benavides, Médico
Categoría: Dermatología
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Experiencia:  Amplia experiencia en el tratamiento de enfermedades de la piel.
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Is here a Dermatologist in Colima who uses the MOHS method

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Is here a Dermatologist in Colima who uses the MOHS method of surgical removal of skin cancer?
Hello, thank you very much for using JA. I'm Dr. Navas Benavides. Then answer your question with the data you have sent.

New treatments for skin cancer are appearing and evolving rapidly in recent years. However, one surgical technique has more than stood the test of time. Developed by Dr. Frederick Mohs in the 1930s, Mohs micrographic surgery has, with a few refinements, come to be embraced over the past decade by an increasing number of surgeons for an ever-widening variety of skin cancers.

Today, Mohs surgery has come to be accepted as the single most effective technique for removing Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma (BCCs and SCCs), the two most common skin cancers. It accomplishes the nifty trick of sparing the greatest amount of healthy tissue while also most completely expunging cancer cells; cure rates for BCC and SCC are an unparalleled 98 percent or higher with Mohs, significantly better than the rates for standard excision or any other accepted method.

If you still have any questions, write it below before assessing the quality of this answer, and I will answer as soon as possible. Remember you can ask the questions that need no additional cost, but remember that it is extremely important that values ​​the quality of this response to your questions have been completed. See you soon.
I leave a link that takes you to a map, where you can locate dermatologists in Colima, Mexico. In order to contact, and report directly if you want to perform the procedure.

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