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Dr Maldonado
Dr Maldonado, Médico
Categoría: Dermatología
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I have a red and irregular spot on my sagging part of my neck(I

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I have a red and irregular spot on my sagging part of my neck(I am 74 yrs old), this started to appears like a month ago, I went to the Dermatology and he send me to put twice a day for 3 weeks "CLOBETASOL E 0.05% cream, this looks to work for certain time, some times looked like was going and others time appeared again, the second time I saw the Dr, he send me another cream named "ELIDEL" for another 3 weeks.

Yesterday in the morning looked like the spot was almost gone and today it is very red there again and something else surprise me, very bad, I discovered other reddish or brownish lines beside my mouth and on my barb.

What this can be? I really will appreciate your opinion.
Hola. Mi nombre es Ismael Maldonado y soy Médico de Familia. Ejerzo desde hace mas de 12 años y tengo amplia experiencia en problemas dermatológicos

dermatological problems are very important to diagnose them, so however you refer and since have given two different treatments dermatitis thinking, I think it could be a fungal infection). in this case would improve applying Ketoconazole or Miconazole 2 times a day for about 7-10 days. regards
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I would like to know if this kind of fungus can be contagious?


I forgot to tell the medications I am taking for my hypertension, they are Atenolol tab ml and Losartan/HCTZ 100.25mg, this last one is new for me, can be any result of allergy?


I am suffering too for long time of :vitiligo"


Thank you for your answer and please give your answers for this too.




I do not think it's anything allergic, or because of medications. on the other hand, fungi are contagious and that is why personal hygiene is essential.
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