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Sebastien, Mecánico
Categoría: Dodge
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I have a 1999 Ram 2500 diesel 4WD five speed, with only around

Pregunta del cliente

I have a 1999 Ram 2500 diesel 4WD five speed, with only around 300,000 miles. It normally runs perfectly, but just recently it randomly refuses to start. It has an aftermarket primary fuel pump, as the previous owner was a diesel mechanic and was aware of the problems in the first 24 valve motors. The batteries are quite new, the motor turns over rapidly, but it does not fire. There is no pattern to the problem. I am currently in Mexico in Mulege on the Baja, and the local mechanics are stumped. It will start four or five times, then nothing. I am not a diesel expert myself, but it seems like the valve that cuts off fuel when you turn off the ignition might be sticking, but that is a layman interpretation. Should they check engine codes, or what? Fuel is fresh, filters are clean.
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Enviada: hace 5 años.
Categoría: Dodge
Experto:  Sebastien escribió hace 5 años.

Sebastien :

Dear Chris, my name is Sebastien

Sebastien :

a pleasure to follow up on your question

Sebastien :

As indicated everything I can tell, if you verify the engine compression.

Sebastien :

has traveled since 300.000 miles

JACUSTOMER-zq8thg0r- : I have had diesels in the past with poor compression, and they continue to start except at a low temperature. This truck used to be owned by a diesel mechanic, and he kept it in top condition, so I don't think compression is a problem. It started in Canada at minus 20, so it should be fine here in Mexico at 30 above.
JACUSTOMER-zq8thg0r- : The truck started up this morning, and the computer diagnostics showed no problems. However, it did the same before, and refused to start at random times.
Sebastien :

ok friend understand, but I need to measure the compression as it involves not only the engine but the valves clearance are closed.