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Ing. Navas
Ing. Navas, Ing. en Electronica
Categoría: Electrodomésticos
Clientes satisfechos: 3246
Experiencia:  Jefe departamento técnico con más de 10 años de experiencia con el usuario final de electrodomésticos
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Problems with Blue Ray disc player BD-sp309 I livbe in Leon

Pregunta del cliente

Problems with Blue Ray disc player BD-sp309
I livbe in Leon de las Aldama Guanajuato Mexico
Enviada: hace 5 años.
Categoría: Electrodomésticos
Experto:  Ing. Navas escribió hace 5 años.


¿can you send me a photo showing the fail [email protected]?

¿do you know if the Blueray still have warranty?

Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.

No I cannot send you a photo. I bought this Blue Ray disc player on 11 August 2011 in the shop of Liverpool in León Guanajuato (Plaza Major) I know the warranty has expired as it is only for one year. I am Dutch and my Spanish is limited but English is good therefore I correspond in English. I put a DVD into this player and it starts and after running normal for a minute it may stop, the screen may turn black (all for a few seconds) and then continues normal again and then a minute or two later the problem repeats itself. I have been to Liverpool where I bought the DVD Player but none

of the assistants in the department where they sell DVD players did know what to do. They would check whether the machine could be send to Mexico but the guy disappeared and we waited and waited as we were told they had never returned such a machine to Mexico City etc. etc. and it might take weeks etc.etc. so we took the machine and left. I have quite a collection of DVD's both normal and Blue Ray and played them all usually one a day (I am pensioned). I clean the DVD's always with a soft cloth and usually also inspect them before playing. I am astonished that

such a big shop as Liverpool apparently has nobody there to answer a normal question. There is no Onkyo dealer in León here. I have now decided to bring this DVD player to a repair shop called SEREMA, Pasea de los Insurgentes 404. It is a laboratorio de ReparaciónEquipo Electronico here in Leon. They have been recommended by a number of people as being good and reliable. I am amazed that a product like Onkyo (I have an amplifier and a disc (6) player of the same brand.

On Monday I will hear what they have to say but I think it is the last time I ever buy and ONKYO product here in Mexico. By the way when we go to Liverpool my wife does the talking as she is Mexican. I think it is a shame when a big shop sells electronics but they apparently do not have anybody there who knows the difference between his a..hole and his elbow on the stuff they sell (their department for electronics is quite large)

Thank you and regards

Anton Haksteeg

Experto:  Ing. Navas escribió hace 5 años.

...thanks to you.

As I read that you have send it to SEREMA, I think that we have to wait until they has worked with the player, depending on the diagnostics is how we will proceed, but I can come on that it might be a Tracking module problem and may need to be replace.

The problem is, as you already said it, there is no Onkio Service representation in Mexico, so, if there we need to replace the Tracking Module it have to be inported, and the cost for that will exceed the cost of a new Blueray player, now, it all will depend on the availability of the replacement part within Mexico.