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Técnico Jose
Técnico Jose, Técnico Electrónico
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I purchased a Packard Bell Laptop Eastjet TJ67, in march of

Pregunta del cliente

I purchased a Packard Bell Laptop Eastjet TJ67, in march of this year from Comet, Croydon, UK.In the past six weeks the lettering is starting to wear off, this is within the warranty period, it will not be long before I have clear key board. I sent a recorded delivery letter to both the manager of the Comet branch and the MD Mr Hugh Harvey at Hull Comet HQ. I also contacted Packard Bell and the replies I got was this is cosmetic, so it not covered by the warranty. So what am I supposed top do when they all wear off, the lettering is neither raised or engraved below the surface of the keys, it is flush so naturally it must wear off . I would appreciate your help and advice on this matter.

Bob Jackson
Enviada: hace 7 años.
Categoría: Electrónica
Experto:  Técnico Jose escribió hace 7 años.
hi!, Thanks for sending your question:

I'm sorry to let you know that the wearing of the letters is a
normal problem and is considered non-warranty in most cases. It's considered a consequence of normal use. I know It's annoying, but those are the warranty conditions. What you could do is the following:

1. Contact Packard-Bell, and tell them that some keys of the keyboard aren't working. You can do this by telephone, PB will send you a technician to your house equipped with a new keyboard or a repair box, where you can return the laptop to be repaired. You only have to say that some letters are working intermittently. When the technician arrives, you can tell him that "the problem isn't happening rigth now, but It will occur again". He will replace your keyboard because it's an inexpensive part, and he won't waste time with that problem.

2. You can buy new keys or a complete keyboard, for example, in:


It isn't very difficult to replace the keys or the keyboard on a laptop.

Good luck! Regards!