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Técnico Jose
Técnico Jose, Técnico Electrónico
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I have a sony vaio computer laptop That I Purchased at Best

Pregunta del cliente

I have a sony vaio computer laptop That I Purchased at Best Buy last February, 2010. Had the hard drive to malfunction and i had to take to best buy for repair, Unfortunately They Did not do a very good job of repairing and i have Many Issues with the curser jumping at random on emails. They Could not restore Any of my information on the old hard drive.

I Desperately Need the sony vaio and maintenance back up or down loads hard disk, how can i get this back on my computer?

the sony product key is: 77VGG-P8DG4-V8M7G-J63BM-07HK6

THE SERIAL NUMBER IS: 27516330-3003149


                 STEVENSON, ALABAMA 35772
[email protected]
Enviada: hace 7 años.
Categoría: Electrónica
Experto:  Técnico Jose escribió hace 7 años.
hi! Thanks for using JustAnswer:

You can download the drivers for your Vaio in the Sony website:


You have to select your model from the list, and download the touchpad drivers. Try to install them, as well as the Sony Vaio Utilities-it's in the "Notebook Control and Utilities" section. If installing them does not resolve your problem, you will have to restore the laptop to factory settings. This procedure will erase all of your personal documents in the laptop (My Documents, My images...) so backup your personal files, for example, in a pendrive. You can restore the laptop by pressing alt+F10 on the keyboard at boot. The laptop will enter in the restore process. If even at this point the laptop has the same issue, you should contact best buy, because it will be a hardware related problem with the touchpad.

Regards! Hope that helps!