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Técnico Jose
Técnico Jose, Técnico Electrónico
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aftermany months of succeessful use on 3g, I can no longer

Pregunta del cliente

aftermany months of succeessful use on 3g, I can no longer connect to 3g on internet, My other devics connect perfectly computer, skype, i fone etc, Also Ihave lost my archived books about 5 of them. I am technically saavy. Please help. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX
Enviada: hace 7 años.
Categoría: Electrónica
Experto:  Técnico Jose escribió hace 7 años.
Hi! Thanks for using justanswer:

Which device cannot connect to the internet through 3G?

Cliente: escribió hace 7 años.
the kindle.
Experto:  Técnico Jose escribió hace 7 años.
I think you have the Kindle 3. Make sure your Kindle 3 has a good charge – you don’t want it to power off half-way through.

* Turn on your Kindle 3

* Press ‘Home’

* Press ‘Menu’

* Scroll Down to ‘Settings’ and click the 5-Way selector

At this point we are now going to press 311 to get access to the menu. If like me you can’t get the text/numeric entry field to appear to get access to the numbers, then you must do the following exactly:

* Press ALT+E

* Press ALT+Q

* Press ALT+Q

[The QWERTY Keyboard represents 1-9 on the top line]

A dialog box will appear telling you that you are about to ‘Switch Wireless Providers’ and that you may lose connection through the process.

* Click OK.

It will then scan for the available networks in your area.
Now bear in mind if there is no 3G network in your area it won’t show one!

This takes a minute or two, don’t panic and don’t turn the device off.
The ‘Automatically Switch’ option did not work for me – clearly, as this was what it was set to.

You will see a list of 3G and 2G (GPRS/EDGE) networks listed, Cell C, MTN and Vodacom are the ones I see.

Choose a 3G network that you want, I chose Vodacom 3G as I think they have the best coverage. Once selected, navigate down to ‘Close’ and then Press Menu and Select Restart.

The Restart will take about 2 minutes, when it comes back up you should be connected to a 3G network. If not try the process again and select another.

Hope that helps, Regards!