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I have a Toshiba Satelite P100 17inch laptop (5 yrs old) and

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I have a Toshiba Satelite P100 17inch laptop (5 yrs old) and just bought a new Philips 40 inch flatscreen television. What I want to do is watch movies from the laptop on the television. I have an old cable (red and white male connectors) that connected to an adaptor containing (R AUDIO L S-VHS VIDEO) connectors sockets....the other end is a normal jack plug. I know the red goes into the R AUDIO socket and white into AUDIO L socket of the adaptor. Then I have another cable with round type 4 pin male plugs on each end that connects into S-VHS if I remember correctly.
I can see on the rear of the tv where the adaptor gets plugged in, but where to plug in the jack plug into my laptop? Into the music symbol sockets, headphone socket or mic socket? Then after I go to the control Panel throught to advanced, I have GEForce 7600 and not the 7300 as in the manual. So, how would I get this sorted out to operate on the tv and what do I do on the tv to accept the laptop?
Enviada: hace 7 años.
Categoría: Electrónica
Experto:  Técnico Jose escribió hace 7 años.
hi! Thanks for using JustAnswer:

P100 does have a Svideo out,

img src="http://www.notebookcheck.net/typo3temp/pics/ecc3a146c7.jpg">

on which you can connect your TV. First, start by connecting only the video. Plug the Svideo from your P100 to the television. Now turn on both, and when the laptop had turned on, press Fn+F5-a pop-up menu will arise, press again Fn+F5 to navigate into it- to switch to Laptop+TV video mode. Also, you can switch the video mode in Windows, right click in any part of the desktop, then properties, and then configuration tab. You will see two screens, one is the TV and the other is the laptop monitor. Select the Tv and then check "expand my windows desktop", afterwards click in apply. In the TV you will have to select the S-video as video input.

For audio, you almost got it, you have to connect the normal audio plug to the earphones on your laptop-which is the audio out. Then connect the Red+White cables to the televisión, and that's it.

Regards! Hope that helps!