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Técnico Jose
Técnico Jose, Técnico Electrónico
Categoría: Electrónica
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I have a HP Photosmart Printer C 7250 all in one that has the

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I have a HP Photosmart Printer C 7250 all in one that has the following error message:
Ink system failure. Unable to copy, print, fax . Refer to printer documentation. Error 0xc18a001. Turn power off and then on. This happened while in operation, a few minutes after I replaced an XL HP genuine black cartridge. Printer was both printing and copying at the same time.

I tried powering on and off with no success. Question; Is this a catastrophic failure. I like the printer very much.
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I had a similar problem in my printer. Here's the solution I found:

You will have to press and hold the '*' key on the key pad, then press the '#' key and release them both. Then type '123' to enter in maintenance mode. Afterwards, press the right arrow (beside the OK button) until System Config. menu appeared on panel. Then press OK two times to clear the error condition, then cancel two or three times to return to the top menu. Then power the printer off and back on. Try to print any document.

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Cliente: escribió hace 7 años.

Please, I have sent few emails, the problem is not corrected. PLease advise ASAP.


Cliente: escribió hace 7 años.
Please I have requested help several times to Ratonxi because the problem is still there. Repeat, the problem is still here and need to continue the process. PLEASE ADVISE.
Sorry for the delay. Did you try the solutions exposed before?-The steps are for a full reset of errors displayed on the printer's LCD.
Cliente: escribió hace 7 años.

Yes, I tried twice what was indicated but still get the same error message. Please advise on next step ASAP.



Cliente: escribió hace 7 años.

My friend, I responded few hours ago but no response back from you. Would you be kind enough to refer this case to someone that can respond. By the way, i am on Eastern Standard time.


Cliente: escribió hace 7 años.

Yes, nobody has answered this in the last twelve hours...... Who can help me??