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osbalswift, Máster
Categoría: Ford
Clientes satisfechos: 193
Experiencia:  Bastante conocimiento en vehiculos Ford del 96 en adelante
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rfw problem on ford ranger 2003 switch does not seem to do

Pregunta del cliente

rfw problem on ford ranger 2003 switch does not seem to do anything
Enviada: hace 6 años.
Categoría: Ford
Experto:  osbalswift escribió hace 6 años.
Hi, ok, the wheels stay in the lock position? or the switch doesn´t put the wheels on the lock position?
Cliente: escribió hace 6 años.
the wheels stay in the locked position I think, because when I turn the car seems to skid a little
Experto:  osbalswift escribió hace 6 años.
Well i need to know if the wheels are in the lock position or in the free position, can you raise the vehicle in the front and check the wheels, because if the wheels stay in the lock position it could be a mechanical problem inside the front differential, make that test and tell me if the wheels are locked or not, then i will tell you what to do.
Cliente: escribió hace 6 años.
hello osbalswift, thanks for getting back to me, I have jacked the front of the ranger up and I can turn both wheels indipendently of one another, ie when I turn one the other does not turn, I get a sign of my dash when I move to 4wd but no other sign when I push the butten rfw, what should happen when I push this butten? maybe the sign is faulty,will wait to here your thoughts, Colin
Experto:  osbalswift escribió hace 6 años.
Ok, with this test i confirm that the wheels stay in the unlocked position and they are free, the RFW botton only make the front differential free or lock to use with the 4X4 condition, when you have the RFW botton turned on, you ONLY should used for conditions like mud, sand or snow, because if you used all the time you`re having a locked front differential this condition makes you spend around 25% of the entire power of the car to move the front differential, that`s why you should use the RFW botton only in the extreme conditions listed above, and that`s why you doesn`t feel any difference at all when you`re driving, i could told you this on the first message but i want to be sure that you`re front diff was ok, and now that you know how this botton works you will used like it should, have a good day. Also just for information to you RFW means Remote Free Wheeling.