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Juan Ramón Soto Gtz.
Juan Ramón Soto Gtz., Mecánico
Categoría: Ford
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My ford explorer 2004 has two codes 2106 and 0720 and when I

Pregunta del cliente

my ford explorer 2004 has two codes 2106 and 0720 and when I put back it has no pressure
Asistente: Entiendo.¿Podría darme más información? Por ejemplo, ¿Qué ha intentando hasta ahora para solucionarlo?
Cliente: I want to know, I just need to change the speed sensor or the transmission
Enviada: hace 11 meses.
Categoría: Ford
Experto:  Juan Ramón Soto Gtz. escribió hace 11 meses.

wel my name is ***** ***** i attended ypu

first we need to do those;

1.-tray to hava a one scanner in our ECU or computer of our ford. with this we wil know if hava a several probklem witn a one sensor of the ford.

2.- try to check conectors of transmission. may be we have several dust or humity en that.

3.- check again if we have problem in parking or in relanty. we see too the speed sensor, posible need to change it but try to check it first.

4.- check bomb of gas. and tray to have clean the inyesctors, and spark toghether with wires

5.- and also we need to check if we have one signals in our dash of our ford.

thanks and forget me my poor letter

so i will her to help you in spanish or english too

all my regards

juan ramon

Experto:  Juan Ramón Soto Gtz. escribió hace 11 meses.

check fluid of transmission. and filter of it. also, is posible check the same transmission , but if only if we have problem of give moved motor

Experto:  Juan Ramón Soto Gtz. escribió hace 11 meses.

Even Now not need to change transmisión because we need to do some revisiones and then we can see if we need to make a cost of change transmisión. One thing more, if have problem with motor in it inyección then this is out principal problem too. But if we have problem with out ECU of ford turco to do one check first in that! Then pass to speed sensor Always need to have a another que sito a about this problem.

Thanks and i am ready to atenderte o servirte

Juan Ramon

Experto:  Juan Ramón Soto Gtz. escribió hace 11 meses.

then we need to check tha MAF valve, clean it,with teh code failure p2106. and we end to chek an clean it we need to do a reset together wit the PCM OR ECU of ford.

code failure p0720 we3 have the follow problem:

P0720 OBD II code can be: The cables leading to the OSS and ISS sensors may be worn or corroded. The OSS sensor (output shaft speed sensor) may be defective. The ISS sensor (input speed sensor) may be defective. Maybe the level of the transmission fluid is below the expected or has elements that contaminate it. The change solenoids may be defective.

But we have one solution:

The solutions before diagnostic code P0720 are the following: Remove the output shaft speed sensor (OSS) and check that the gears are in good condition. In case the teeth are worn or missing some you can replace the gear. Check the cable system for any loose connections or damaged cables. Likewise loose or dirty terminals. Repair or replace if necessary. Make sure there is not excessive resistance. In case you find it you can trace the wiring through the circuit of each connector to determine the cause. Make sure there are no short-circuits to ground in the cables. You can move the cables and see if there are changes by doing so. Check the resistance of the Output shaft speed sensor (OSS), by removing the connector from the wiring harness and with a meter in ohms, you must verify that the resistance is within the specifications of the factory. In case the resistance is not within the expected range you can change the OSS sensor. Check the current entering the sensor and the cable connector to the Power Train Control Module (PCM) with the help of a factory diagram of the cables, as a reference.

Experto:  Juan Ramón Soto Gtz. escribió hace 10 meses.

hello do you have any question or comentary?

juan ramon

Experto:  Juan Ramón Soto Gtz. escribió hace 10 meses.

good morning, how about you? all are good with your car?

i will ready to attend you