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MV.William, Veterinario
Categoría: Gatos
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Experiencia:  Área de trabajo: medicina de pequeños animales
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I moved to Spain 2 months ago with my Golden Retriever dog.

Pregunta del cliente

Hello, I moved to Spain 2 months ago with my Golden Retriever dog. She is 4 years old and has a long history of skin infections. Usually, in England, the vet would immediately give her Relexine antibiotics and it would clear up quickly. However, I took her to the vet 4 times before the vet here finally prescribed her Amoxicillin which she has now been on for 1 week and it has got much worse. Is it possible to please get a prescription of Rilexine? I can send pictures- it's become a skin infection now over her entire body. She was tested for parasites and it came back negative.
JA: ¿Cuánto hace que ocurre esto?Customer: 2 months
JA: Entiendo tu inquietud. Te voy a poner en contacto con un veterinario. ¿Hay alguna otra cosa que deba saber para poder ayudarte?Customer: i don't think so
Enviada: hace 19 días.
Categoría: Gatos
Experto:  MV.William escribió hace 19 días.
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Cliente: escribió hace 19 días.
hablas inglais?
Experto:  MV.William escribió hace 19 días.
Has she received any other treatment besides antibiotics? Perhaps corticosteroids?
Experto:  MV.William escribió hace 19 días.

I'm sorry to tell you that I cannot give you any prescriptions through the website, but I would be glad to give you some recommendations to treat her at home and help your dog feel better while you're able to take her to the vet for proper diagnosis.

Cliente: escribió hace 19 días.
she had a cream with steroids initially but it spread. Ah okay, i was looking for a prescription. thanks anyway
Experto:  MV.William escribió hace 19 días.

Due to the country's regulations, you need to consult a local veterinarian in order to get a prescription for Rilexine. However, you can purchase it on a page called farmaciaveterinaria.es. You must know your dog's weight and administer it at your own risk.

I would recommend you to give her baths with a chlorhexidine-based shampoo (ado - chlorhexidine) for veterinary use, 1 bath 2 times a week for 2 weeks and then 1 bath weekly for 4 more weeks.

Also, you can administer Dermovital (veterinary use) 3 capsules orally every 24 hours for 8 weeks. This contains omegas, vitamin E, selenium, etc. that help regenerate skin and hair in allergic processes or infections.

If a food allergy is suspected, your dog might need to go under an elimination diet with hypoallergenic food such as eukanuba dermatosis FP, z / d allergy and skin care, royal canin anallergenic. It should be mixed with her regular food for 5 days to avoid diarrhea. Continue with this plan for at least 12 weeks. While she's been given such food, she must not consume any other food, snack or canned food whatsoever. If the signs are controlled, it would be advised to continue with this diet for life.

Experto:  MV.William escribió hace 19 días.

Is there anything else I can help you with?