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Fernando Cantalapiedra
Fernando Cantalapiedra, Abogado
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Dear ForumI have an question. I am currently an erasmus

Pregunta del cliente:

Dear Forum

I have an question. I am currently an erasmus law student in Madrid, where I have rented a room in an apartment on a short term contract until the 23/1 2011. I now want to terminate the contract and notice my landlord of that last week. My termination is from the 1. of December, which means the notice is given before the last contractual period.

Now my landlord replies - correctly according to the contract - that I have to stay until the end of the contract if I don´t want to loose my deposit. The contractual reason is that i cannot leave the room without an replacement without breaking the contract,

The deposit will be lost if once this contract is signed (see C5), the student fails to accomodate in the apartment.(...)

My question is; Is there not a standard protection of the tenant in spanish law, when it comes to termination of a short term rent contract, if the termination is noticed in time?

I hope you can help me.

Best regards

Enviada: hace 11 años.
Categoría: General
Experto:  Fernando Cantalapiedra escribió hace 11 años.
Except in the agreed term leases with more than five years (art. 11 of the present LAU) and the old rental (art, 56 of the old LAU 1964), the tenant can not unilaterally cancel the contract, unless they have been agreed that possibility. Must meet in full the agreed duration and, where appropriate, the extension started. If you want to terminate the contract, shall, if the fulfillment of those periods by notifying the landlord at least 30 days before (arts. 9 and 10 LAU).

The Judgement of the AP in Barcelona, 13th Section, 373/2007 of July 4 sums up the question: "Given the claim of unilateral termination by the lessee, can occur: a) the landlord's acceptance without reservation, resulting in resolution and mutual bilateral agreement, which entails no consequences other than termination of the contract and the reciprocal obligations derived from it. b) That no resolution by mutual agreement, the landlord can choose to go to Court and request enforcement of the contract (and to refuse delivery of the keys and not accepting that makes available the property) even asking for compensation for damages. c) can not agree to accept the keys to terminate the contract giving , but understanding that the resolution has taken place for the sole will of the tenant to bring an action for compensation for damages. "

As we have seen, if the tenant withdraws unilaterally from the contract early, the landlord can choose between:

1 .- OK keys and terminate the contract. If you have not been outstanding rent or other liabilities will have to repay the bond. "The withdrawal was accepted by the lessor, ceasing to be unilateral" (SAP in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Section 1, 149/2007 of 23 April).

2 .- To accept the keys for the record that it reserves the right to seek damages, which will have to leave the income limit to receive. This means that if you re-rent the unit immediately have nothing to complain about, but does nothing to lease, rents are not received your fault, not the tenant.

As you can see in your case and seeing that it is only a month and a half until the end of the lease, the landlord is entitled to the month and 23 days of contract you have left, but as I imagine you've depositdado a bond as You can respond to it and adjust the accounts.

I hope you clear enough. Greetings
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