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RODEMA, Licenciatura
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Hi Due to severe financial difficulties over the past 2 years,

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Due to severe financial difficulties over the past 2 years, we have just received the awful news that we have lost our home, receiving official documantation from the local courts in San Roque, Andalucia. Could you please advise us as to how long we have to vacate the property, and if there is a standardized procedure that the bank has to follow from this point onwards.
Please feel free to contact me on 0034 9567 97183
Best wishes,
Michael Ford
Enviada: hace 6 años.
Categoría: General
Experto:  RODEMA escribió hace 6 años.
Hi there you infromo that there are 3 classes of procedures depending on the type of debt you would if you came from credit cards, overdrafts, cualtiel type of debt less lend us credits or mortgage, it would first have to have a trial and then once judgment would have to have the implementation of title judicial 2or if the debt comes from a loan credit but non-mortgage would be a implementation of title non-judicial 3 ºif the debt is a mortgage loan would result in a foreclosure the executions begin with a auto runlevel that have to notify and you have a term of 10 days to oppose but opposes dispatched the execution and Preoccupy the goods and is communicated to the regiatro of the property where is noted this in the 1 case and 2 once this is done starts the route of urgency where is named even judicial expert to tase the housing and with that price will go to auction in the case of the mortgage is not appointed expert since the appraisal value is already reflected in the terms of the contract of mortgage loan, once you have the appraisal value is dictated by the auction date and this has to be notified to the debtor with a time limit of 20 days if not there are this period shall be suspended the auction. The auction if there is bidder is awarded the good but it is the bank can become the floor by 50% of the appraised value or the totality of the debt this is to choice of the bank, then issues a ruling award of housing and later became a possession and the launch of the tenants that there would be not there is a precise deadline for this all depends on the delay that carry accumulated the court is what i would recommend is that call directly to the court that bears his cause and asked that the state is a procedure and about how much time remains for the launch it would be normal for the total duration of the Execution is one and a half since it had submitted the demands, from which there is already auction is not usually take more than two months in vacating the "marsella" but i can tell you that depends on each of the courts since the clerk of the court has to go to the dwelling itself to make the launch and already depends on the agenda of the tight to take