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hi i wish to write my will to safeguard my daughter should

Pregunta del cliente

hi i wish to write my will to safeguard my daughter should anything happen to me ,i want my parents and my sister to have sole custody of her.she is 12 years old.also any assets i have i want my daughter also to have. i was not married to her father but he is still around but does not have much contact and it is both mine and my daughters wish for her to reside with my family should anything happen to me..can u please advise,thanks
Enviada: hace 6 años.
Categoría: General
Experto:  Abogado3044 escribió hace 6 años.

Hi there


Is Spain it is not matter is you are married with him.

If you died he will be the tutor of her by law

According to the spanish law you can no make nothing about it.


If you want to make a will, look for a spanish translator ang to an spanish public notario to make it and registrer it.



Experto:  RODEMA escribió hace 6 años.
Hi there in the spanish civil code said Article 234 For the appointment of a guardian is preferred: 1o. The designated by the own protected, in accordance with the second paragraph of article 223. 2O. The spouse who live side by side with the protected. 3O. TO the parents. 4O. To the person or persons designated by them in their provisions of last will. 5O. The descendant, ascendant or brother that designate the judge. Exceptionally, the Judge, in reasoned resolution, may alter the order of the previous paragraph or dispense with all the people in the mentioned if the benefit of minor children or incapacitated so requires. It is considered beneficial to the lower integration into family life of the guardian. ARTICLE 223 ARTICLE 223 parents may in testament or public document notarial appoint as guardian, establish supervisory bodies of the guardianship, as well as appoint persons who have to integrate them into or order any provision on the person or property of their minor children or incapacitated. In addition, any person with the ability to reach sufficient, in anticipation of being incapacitated judicially in the future, it may in public document notarial adopt any provision relating to her own person or property, including the designation of guardian. Public documents referred to in this article shall be communicated at the initiative of the authorised notary to the Civil Registry for your indication on the registration of the person's birth. In the procedures of incapacitation, the judge will seek certification from the Civil Registry and, where appropriate, from the registry of acts of last wishes, to verify the existence of the provisions referred to in this article.