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Marisol G.G
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I live in Mallorca and think I need to make a will. I do not

Pregunta del cliente

I live in Mallorca and think I need to make a will. I do not own a property so can I make an on line will? It will be left to my sister and nieces, jewellery and certain items. Most of my money is off shore, one bank account here and one in England.
Enviada: hace 6 años.
Categoría: General
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In order to do the will you should go to a spanish notario.


Notarios are the persons who make the will in public document in order not having unterior problems.


The best way is to translate it into spanish and go to the notario then.


The aplicable law it is your law, because you only are doing in spain the will.


The will is valid in Spain and in your country of course.


The price could be 90, 100 euros, once it is translated into spanish.


I am an spanish attorney, if you have a doub about how to do it just ask me


We are several experts in the site, some of us we are attoneys, another ones not.


If my answer has been helpfull please accept it in order to get paid for my time.




Experto:  Marisol G.G escribió hace 6 años.

Good afternoon,

You can attend before a notary in the majority of notaries will give you a form to fill it with your personal information and witnesses, likewise, in this role you will have to specify who or what you inherit property, and who or who will be your heirs and executor .
Lawyers working in the notary are in charge of question you again for the data you have provided in this format it to just that only you will be met and corroborate the information based on the document.
Normally you get the first format to take him to your house and fill it with peace of mind when deliveries will take the documents that you have been required for the step and make an appointment to sign the will and that day the firm will have to take witnesses.
Wrote it in Spanish with the course as I say the lawyers of the notary, the will not matter what you do in English with translations in Spanish.

I wish him success in his management, if you have more questions about it with taste

If my answer help clarify your questions, please come to accept

Experto:  Abogado3044 escribió hace 6 años.

In order to get more guaranties in your country, you can also registrer your will in your emabssy


Best regards

Experto:  Marisol G.G escribió hace 6 años.
His will is a will, and this can be like you tell before a Spanish notary, but most certainly has Tell me what?
Remember to go to the notary with the National Identity Document (DNI) and explain how you want to leave the property. Depending on the complexity of the will, the notary will ask you your property deed or more information. From these data, the notary shall draw up a will in writing and shall proceed to grant without, at present, requiring the involvement of more persons except in certain cases.
So if you have more questions to taste
Experto:  Abogado3044 escribió hace 6 años.
If you need a legal advice concernt about it please contatc me
Experto:  Marisol G.G escribió hace 6 años.
And remember that is his right to make wills and clear advice to seek benefit for you and your loved ones

If you have further questions be happy to hear

I wish him success in his
Experto:  Abogado3044 escribió hace 6 años.

A person could make as wills as he wants.


You could change your will so many times you want.


Once you make a new one the old one is completely invalid.


Best regards

Experto:  Marisol G.G escribió hace 6 años.

Ok I agree with another expert, we welcome your questions with other colleague will be on-line expert