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Urgent 1-Using facts, referring to an authority, giving

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1-Using facts, referring to an authority, giving examples, and predicting consequences are techniques a writer most often uses in __________ writing.
cause and effect


comparison and contrast

2-The steps in the essay-writing process are:
brainstorm, cluster, organize, and write.

revise for parallelism, sentence variety, and consistency in tense, person, and number.
narrow the topic, write the thesis statement, generate ideas for the body, and organize those ideas.
select a quotation, copy it correctly, give its source, and use quotation marks around it.

3-An introductory paragraph usually:
begins with the sentence “This paper is going to be about…”

begins with a single-sentence thesis statement, an illustration, a surprising fact, or a contradiction.
does not tell what the paper is going to be about because a paper is better if the reader remains in anticipation of its topic.
is not needed in most papers, especially in papers where the author is going to explain all of the points in great detail.

4-Read the following paragraph: My friend Susan is as pretty as a picture, and most people who know her are green with envy. Susan, however, is one in a million, and everyone she meets nearly falls at her feet in awe of her out-of-this-world personality. Susan is not only pretty, but she is as smart as a whip and she works like a dog to maintain her grades. The paragraph needs to be revised for __________.

sentence variety

correct mechanics


I5-n which sentence does the antecedent clearly refer to the pronoun?
Kelly is an excellent singer, yet she has never taken a lesson in it.
In North Carolina farmers raise tobacco.

Mr. Jones told his son that his car had a flat tire.

In Washington they grow apples.

6-Which sentence demonstrates the correct use of the apostrophe?
I cannot find my friends book bag.

Everyones right to privacy should be protected.

John’s and Julio’s apartment has striped wallpaper.
The children’s clothes are covered with mud.

7-In writing, __________ stress differences whereas __________ stresses similarities.
illustration; description

contrast; comparison

persuasion; explanation
classification; analysis

8-Read the following sentences: If you follow these directions carefully, you should not have trouble getting to Central City Museum. Begin by catching the express bus on Heron Street and taking it to the last stop, Regal Square. The sentences probably came from a(n) __________ paragraph.




9-There are three basic ways of ordering ideas for coherence in paragraphs; they are:
time order, space order, and order of importance.
comparison, contrast, and description.

grammar, mechanics, and spelling.

process, persuasion, and personification.
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