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I have a question regarding pregnancy. A girl performed oral

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Hello, good day!
I have a question regarding pregnancy.
A girl performed oral sex on me. I ejaculated nowhere near her vaginal area. The ejaculation was over my skin and hers. By mistake I passed the napkin I used to clean the semen off, over her vaginal area (lips, vulva). This was a few seconds after I ejaculated, so the semen was still wet. Is there a possibility of pregnancy?

Hi, thanks for letting me help you with your question.

Do you want your answer in English or Spanish? I see you are from Mexico.

There is no possibility of pregnancy. You should know that there must be penetration to take place the pregnancy and you never mentioned that you did.

Sperm have a very short life in the atmosphere, so it is not possible that a pregnancy occurs, if by any means this is introduced into the vagina.

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Ok, yes there was no penetration. What if semen would get introduced to the vagina via a finger or a napkin?
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What would be the possibility there?

If you have not elapsed long time, introduce it by some means can definitely increase the risk of pregnancy.

You must know that for a pregnancy occurs the woman should be in her fertile period, and also the semen must reach the cervix, which is the final part of the vagina. If these two situations, it is possible pregnancy.

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I see, I remember prior to ejaculating. I put my finger in her vagina, and she was really dry. I will assume that doesnt not help the semen travel through the vagina? Also she mentioned that she was in the contraceptive injection... given bothe scenarios what chances or percentage would you give for conception to happen?

Based on my experience, I believe that there is no risk.

1. No penetration occurred, no semen was introduced.
2. The woman is with contraceptives.

Don´t worry, there isn´t risk of pregnacy.

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I have spoke to other doctors. The first doctor said that pregancy cannot occur because my semen/sperm was already outside. Second doctor said that pregnancy cannot occur by secondary external exposure to my semen. Also saying that to transfer viable sperm its a wet process you need a penis inserted in a vagina followed by ejaculation near the cervix. The third doctoe said that everything would have to be inside, and even then he gave it a 1/1000 chance. The fourth doctor said that rubbing fresh semen on the vulva or vaginal lips will not cause pregnancy. Also stating that semen must be inside and would have to be a bigger amount. The fifth doctor said that the amount of semen is not enough, that again the semen must be inside, and that semen in a napkin or finger wouldnt work. What do you think of what they have told me?

It´s the same.

The Sperm have a very short life outside. A pregnancy cannot occurs if there isn´t sperm in the cervix. If the semen was introduced, of course, depends of the amount and the time that it was outside.

If you think on that, in your case, nothing happens. No penetration occurs, no semen was introduced and the girl said that she is with contraceptives. You will not find another point of view. There isn´t risk.

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Dr. Ortiz, thank you very much for your help! God bless!