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Rubén Díaz
Rubén Díaz, Técnico en computación, informática
Categoría: Informática
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I have a problem with wifi on my samsung r530 laptop, I normallu

Pregunta del cliente

I have a problem with wifi on my samsung r530 laptop, I normallu use a 3G dongle for interent access but I am trying to use the wifi to access the internet, there seems to be an issue which blocks this, is there something I can do to rectify it or does the laptop need to go to a expert? Thank you Martin [email protected]
Enviada: hace 7 años.
Categoría: Informática
Experto:  ratonxi escribió hace 7 años.

Do you see any wireless network ?

Experto:  Rubén Díaz escribió hace 7 años.



Verify that you have activated the wifi adapter pressing the keys "Fn" and "F9", then try connecting to your wireless network. If the problem persists, go to Start Menu, right click on computer, choose properties, in the window that appears click in left upper in device manager, in the final window appears click network adapters, uninstall the adapter wireless by right-clicking on it, once removed, in that same window go to precione Action menu and the option Scan for hardware changes. This will have deleted all the wireless settings saved in the system. Try again to connect to your wireless network.


A greeting.

Cliente: escribió hace 7 años.

Hi I tried this but it made no difference, I have just seen a message about default gateway is not available. Also there is another message saying reset wireless adaptor connection. I do not know what this means. I can get online via a 3G dongle but not via either wifi or direct cable (LAN?).

Thank you Martin Fisher

Experto:  Rubén Díaz escribió hace 7 años.

Good afternoon,

Try downloading and running the following program: Link, then download the drivers for network adapters and try to install again: Here

A greeting.