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Jose Mari
Jose Mari, Grado Superior
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Is it possible Wake on Lan in Sony Vaio VGC-LM2E

Pregunta del cliente

Is it possible to setup the computer Sony Vaio VGC-LM2E to be able to use the Wake on Lan facility?. I have been sneaking in the Bios setting and this option doesn't exist. Looking for answers in Google, it seems that Sony dissables this option in their computer Bios.
Enviada: hace 6 años.
Categoría: Informática
Experto:  elvis1231 escribió hace 6 años.
Good afternoon
not understood your question, you want to enable the lan bios?
Could you give me more information? What if what you want done with the LAN?
You mean the option to wake on LAN?
Cliente: escribió hace 6 años.
Yes, Elvis, the Wake on Lan!
Experto:  elvis1231 escribió hace 6 años.
Good afternoon
Unfortunately, your computer has that option
you can check to see the characteristics

Information and opinions on: Integrated Computer Sony Vaio VGC-LM2E
[Integrated Computer Sony Vaio VGC-LM2E]
Product: Integrated Computer
Name: Sony Vaio VGC-LM2E
Manufacturer: Sony
Product Link: Manufacturer information
Driver: Drivers Manufacturer
Release: n / a

Description of Sony Vaio VGC-LM2E:
For those looking for something different, elegant and decorative at the same time with high quality, the Sony Vaio VGC-LM2E is a very good choice.

This is a product with high quality, good performance and a spectacular design, and all this at a minimum of space.

Also comes with a lot of software.
Key features of Sony Vaio VGC-LM2E:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 supports Intel Enhanced SpeedStep technology

Chipset: Intel PM965 Express

RAM: DDR2 SDRAM (1 x 2048 MB)

Max Supported RAM: 4096 MB

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT - 895 MB (128 MB dedidados)

Hard Disk: 320 GB SATA2 7200 rpm

Optical Drive: DVD +-RW Reg / +-R DL / RAM slim

Card Reader: Yes


ExpressCard: Yes

Infrared: Yes

Bluetooth: No

USB: Yes - 5

Firewire: Yes (i.LINK IEEE1394 4 pin - non-powered)

Network: BASE-T/100 Ethernet 10 BASE-TX / 1000 BASE-T

Wifi card: 802.11a / b / g / Draft n

WebCam Yes

Multimedia: Yes (2 x 3 w)

TV Tuner: Yes - Hybrid DVB-T/analógico

Remote Control: Yes

OS Preinstalled: Windows Vista Home Premium

Display: 19''- TFT X-black LCD with four lamp technology - WXGA + 1440 x 900

Keyboard + Mouse: Yes - wireless

if the answer has served accept it as correct

Cliente: escribió hace 6 años.
So I can not solve the problem!
Experto:  elvis1231 escribió hace 6 años.
as I said before your network card does not support wake on lan function, why not find the option in the BIOS
I wish I could help, but you can not, but if I can recommend that no adapters wake on lan
that can serve




if the answer has served accept it as correct

Cliente: escribió hace 6 años.

Elvis, so far as I understan you onsider that it is impossible?. I followed up the links and doesn't makes sense for what I need


Experto:  elvis1231 escribió hace 6 años.
can you tell me you wanted to activate that option wake on lan, which is what you wanted to do, because maybe there may be other options
Experto:  Richard escribió hace 6 años.

Hi good afternoon
The option you have is to update the bios but it is a very complciado and if I had any fault it may be that your computer unusable.


Cliente: escribió hace 6 años.
Elvis, I'm ot sure you understand myy question. I just want to be able to turn on my computer remotely from another computer. Just to make WOL
Cliente: escribió hace 6 años.

Sorry my last answer was for Elvis.

So according with you is better don't even to try. It that true?


Experto:  Richard escribió hace 6 años.
unfortunately I regret to inform that the option would be to a specialized center that is done and as a user would be more complicated or leave it as such.

Experto:  elvis1231 escribió hace 6 años.
good afternoon
clear that if the option to wake on lan
may be to control your computer from another, but also serves to turn off the computer being in another place, bone remotely

I could not help, but I have tried
Experto:  Jose Mari escribió hace 6 años.
Good morning,

The only way to get a BIOS that allows you to have the availability of Wake On Olan would download a BIOS before the model you have and update the firmware of the CPU.

For any questions or concerns, please contact me. If you think the answer is correct, please mark it.

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