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Hi, as it happens, I am having trouble with another printer,

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Hi, as it happens, I am having trouble with another printer, this one at work. It is an HP LaserJet 1022 for which I don't have the drivers. I've downloaded them from HP and tried the install several times with no success. Now I think I have to remove all the cruft from installation attempts past and start fresh, but I have no way of knowing what files to remove (and dread to start trying randomly, and worse, wonder whether I have to fiddle with the registry.) Any hints? BTW glad to read you've been moved to public hero recognition - your care from the previous assistance is well remembered. Yours, Alejandro Pisanty. PD I DON'T UNDERSTAND what caused JustAnswer to channel this question to Abogados USA en Español - Lawyers on US law in Spanish. This is strictly a technical question. 

First of all, I see you are in Mexico, I want to know if is better for you to be writen in spanish or prefer to continue in english?, by the matter it is ok for me any of them, I want to know wich one you're more confortable with.

Gettint into the job, I need to know several information before giving you any diagnostics:

¿Wich is the OS that you are trying to install the printer in?, if is Windows Vista or Win7, please specify if it is 32 o 64bits OS.

¿Have you receive any error message?, please post it here

¿Have this printer worked before in these machine? if the answer is yes, please tell me when was the last time it worked fine.

Don't worry about the cruft, becouse if there are files left in the system, they'll be replaced when you install your printer in the properly way.
Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.

apologies for delay.

The computer is Windows 7, 64 bits. I do not get an error message; the installation process goes all the way to the point where it asks to connect the printer and then gets stuck without any further messages. I have taken the logs of the latest attempt and can send you the file. I've inspected it and can see that it reports an error and then a lot more stuff (maybe continued errors etc.) Is that useful?

I think it did work on that computer and since it had been long without using it I attempted to reinstall but can't tell any more (logs will tell, I have to dig them up.) I think I tried erroneously to install the 32-bit version and that may have caused all the trouble.

I can also capture and send you the lists of files I've used to find the installer etc. - I got them by searching for "hp" and for "1020" in my files.

So, unfortunately, I do seem to have some cruft that the install has not been able to remove, and which may be getting in the way of a clean install.

Hope this helps.

Also: I've chosen to continue in English though Spanish is both your and my mother tongue, to make easier the follow-up and any accountability you have on your side. Perfectly comfortable in English, all the more so for tech stuff for which it was the original language.


Alejandro Pisanty
...Lets see, how to start.

You said: "process goes all the way to the point where it asks to connect the printer and then gets stuck without any further messages".

I need you to do several tests:

1) Test the USB cable, try another cable or another PC to proceed with the installation, if the problem persist the problem is the cable or the printer, try other cable to verify if is the cable, if is not the cable, the problem is the printer, and it needs tech support intervention for maintenance, a cleaning to the contacts will do, but do not under estimate the clinical eye of an experienced technician, he can tell if there is another problem in the printer.

2) Once we are sure that the cable and the printer are ok, lets install the proper drivers for your Windows version, but before that, please verify that your printer is a "HP LaserJet 1022", because there are other variations, like the "HP LaserJet 1022n" and the "HP LaserJet 1022w", and they use a variation of the same driver. You have posted the "HP LaserJet 1022", so right now I am giving you a link for the download of the drivers of these printer, (if you rectify the model of the printer I'll give you the proper link):

- HP LaserJet 1022 (click here to download)


Focus on the driver, if everything works fine, you can download and install the other tools, but there is some thing that I have to tell you before, you can see that there that it says "Plug and Play Basic Driver", it is basic, because HP didn't developed the drivers for Win7, so they made a common and compatible driver, that works with the mayority of the HP printers, it does not garanties that it's going to work, but if it does not works there are other options that we can do, but first lets do the right installation.


Begin with this and post the results.


Try to follow the instructions and if you have any questions, let me know, I'm here to help you clarify.

I'll appreciate that you tell me how it went.

Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.

thanks a lot for the instructions. I will have to wait till Monday to try this since the printer is at the office. I'll send you feedback as soon as I can. Further, I'll try to make a clean install in a new computer to make sure the trouble is not beign caused by files or registry entries from previous installations. Given my workload and meetings outside the office this may take till Tuesday.

..it's ok, don't worry, I'll be here if you need help!!!
Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.

I've now gone through several cycles of applying your advice and still am nowhere.

I clicked on the link you provided and chose Spanish-Mexico (in another cycle I also tried to stay with the original in English), downloaded the - what is it, installation program or driver proper? - .exe file, and ran it.

Sometimes it just blows up without a trace. Starting again with the one in English I got to a point where a window said the driver was installed successfully and all previous versions removed. It froze there so I connected the printer to the computer (cable checked etc.) to no avail.

I went to Control Panel - Devices and Printers and found that there is a device listed as HP1022 but NOT as a printer. Right-clicked the mouse on the icon. It sends me to properties (get pretty much nothing) or troubleshooting. Clicked on this, system tries to get a driver, no cigar.

In one of the instances when I ran the driver/installer I got a message that if this was not the first install I should not be using this .exe file, but another one. I'm searching for it as we speak. Couple of hours again.
...ok, as I told you there is another solution, but for that I need to know if your windows is in spanish or in english!
Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
Hi, Windows is in English, Printer almost certainly in Spanish (purchased by institution locally.) I have installed it in another computer, long ago; that one unfortunately died after many years of service. I could go through the complications of extracting its hard drive and booting up another computer from it but doubt the usefulness. Among other reasons, it is/was XP.
...basicaly the problem that we have is that HP has not develop drivers for your printer for Window 7, so it is not working in Windows 7.

There are many problems of compatibility in Windows 7, and Microsoft has develop a solution for this kind of troubles, it is the "Virtual PC" software. This is a software that emulates Windows XP in your windows 7.

I need you to click over the next link:

- MS Virtual PC

and follow the instructions;

* Basicaly you will install a Virtual PC software, and after that a Windows XP Mode software, when every thing is installed, you can install your printer in the WinXP Virtual PC, and as part of the features of the Virtual PC software, the printer will be available for Windows 7 as well, working properly.

For the instalation you'll need to install the WinXP drivers of your printer, so here is the link to download them:

- HP Laserjet 1022 Driver for WinXP

Try to follow the instructions and if you have any questions, let me know, I'm here to help you clarify.

I'll appreciate that you tell me how it went.

Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.

thanks - this is very valuable information!

And, I'll try it as soon as I am back by that printer, which may be only till Thursday or Friday this week. Hope you find that OK.


...don't forget to tell me about it.

If you need help, just tell me, I'll be here.
Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
Hi, I am by the printer now and have a short break from work so will try to install the printer yet once more.

What do you think of http://h30434.www3.hp.com/psg/attachments/psg/Install/56217/1/3%20install%20methods%20for%20the%20LJ1022.pdf which is provided by HP? (besides singing with me in a choir "reboot is bad", as a top Intel engineer told me about ten years ago.)


Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.

yesterday I tried your XP virtual machine approach. No cigar... I need to upgrade Windows for it to download!


..is worth to try.

But for the first method you need to uninstall all drivers that has been install for this printer, to make windows 7 go and search for a driver in the Microsft databases.

The second method we already try it

And the third method is a force installation, this is done when you know that you have the right drivers and windows is not recognize them, in this case a manual instalation is done.

I recommend to do the first method and let me know how it goes!!
Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.

Yes, it was right to try. And I may still decide to pay for the Windows 7 upgrade now that I see that it has more undesired effects than I want. But mind you, this is the first one I bump. That computer serves me well!! (and it has saved my life more than once when others have had trouble.)

for method one, "uninstall all drives" - I tried that already from the install menu when it stalls looking for the printer and it got stuck in the same way. Is it only a matter of deleting files or is there something in the registry to change as well?

Man, our satisfaction is going to be to raise h*** for HP when we're done! (I know your company can't do that.)



Yes there are regintry keys to be delete, but they are alot, is very dificult to identify every single one, that why it is recomended to run the uninstall utility that comes with the printer's CD or thru the "Programs & features" options.

The main problem that we have right now is that HP have not develope Driver for Win7 of your printer, some time the Vista are used to do the job, but most of the times it does not work, like now.

When you are evaluating to upgrade to Win7, you have to take in consideration that some hardware will not work with Win7.

So I need you to consider to change your printer, because is more like it that is not going to work with Win7!
Ing. Navas y otros otros especialistas en Informática están preparados para ayudarle
Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
Scaaaaary... the printer is my university's, where I work. I have two of my own at home but some print jobs have to be done at the office. Getting a new printer at work entails some awful bureaucracy. Also I don't have the install disks (I wouldn't be in this mess, right? - nor would you have this kind of interesting projects!) I'll see if I can get them. Next chance is Thursday. I'll keep you updated.
...exactly what happened with the MS Virtual PC?

You said some thing about an upgrade...

What was the problem that you had?

Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
Hey compañero,


I went to the menu to change/remove software (for another reason; I was uninstalling something completely different) and found an HP 1020/22 uninstaller. Pressed on it. It broke down (message was "found an error" or something like that.) This had already happened.

So I went to the device manager (there are two as you know, the "internal" and the "devices and printers"). Found the HP 1020&22 icon, opened for Properties, found driver, clicked on it, and that got me to the menus we had seen suggested in HP method 3: "search for driver".

So I did that, got a list of devices, clicked on the HP1020/22 that was there. After a few seconds it said the device was installed.

I went back to the printers and devices menu and lo and behold, there it is...

I already test printed something from the Web, from Adobe, and from Word, and it worked.

So... while this is a solution that came up in the process and not your initial proposal, I am most happy to accept your reply because without your patience and knowledge I would not have understood well what was happening, and then, even finding the HP solution method 3 on the Web would have cost me more work.

Thanks a lot and congratulations. Tell your supervisor to ask me about your work - I will have the highest praise.
..You are so well come, I am glad that finally it worked!!

Thanks for the acceptance and the tip, thank you very much!!!