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Técnico Juan Ramón
Técnico Juan Ramón, Técnico informático
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Assignment5_1.java - Write a console program that does the

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Assignment5_1.java - Write a console program that does the following:
In the main() method, create an array of 1000 int. This means an array of type int that could store 1000 elements.
Create a static method fillArray() that would accept an array of 1000 int as the only parameter and would initialize them randomly in the range from 0 to 100. You can use static method java.lang.Math.random() to generate a single random number of type double in the range from 0.0 to 1.0. You then may consider multiplying result returned by this method by 100 and round it to get an integer in the range from 0 to 100. Method fillArray() should be declared not to return any data (for instance return data type should be void). Call method fillArray() from main() and pass declared array into it. No output is needed.
Note: Since the type of data passed into the method is not a primitive data type (e.g. int, double, float, etc) but an array, it will be passed by reference (in contrast to by value as we practiced in the previous assignment). In this case any modification made to array within method fillArray() will propagate to the original array which is declared in main().
Create another static method getAverage() that accept that same array of 1000 ints as the only method's parameter, calculates their average and returns it back to main() as a value of type double. Print that returned value in main().
Assignment5_2.java - Write a console Java program that does the following
Read a text string from a user and store it into a variable of type String
Convert that string into an array of characters by utilizing static method toCharArray() of class String. This method performs the conversion and returns an array of characters (type char) that you need to store in some temporal array, say char[] temp.
Iterate through this temporal array and collect statistics of individual letter appearance. Then store that statistics in some other array called int[] stat. That new array needs to be declared to store statistical data of any possible character that can be seen in a user input. A general text comprises letters of English alphabet (both small and capital cases), digits, and some punctuation marks (i.e. space, comma, period, dash, etc). If you think of "all possible characters", even those that are rarely seen in a typical English text, then you can distinct not more that 128 different ones (see base ASCII table for example). In this case having stat array being declared to store 128 entries of type int is a good idea.
Print out non-zero statistical data: a letter and a number in a single line, then another line, and so on.
Example: Let us say a user has entered "Hello World!!!". This string contains 14 characters. Character 'H' is seen only once so value stat[72] would be 1 (number 72 is the index of 'H' in ASCII table). The value of stat[101] (letter 'e') is also 1, but for example, the value of stat[108] is 3 because 108 is the index of 'l' and there are 3 letters 'l' in the given text line.
Hint: In order to convert the value of character into corresponding ASCII code you can use data type casting. For example, assuming that array temp[] from the previous case study was populated with letters of "Hello World!!!", then System.out.println(temp[0]); would print 'H', but System.out.println((int)temp[0]); would print 72.
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Categoría: Informática
Experto:  Técnico Juan Ramón escribió hace 1 año.

buenos dias . te atiende juan ramon.

que deseas saber sobre esto para ver si puedo ser accesible y ayudarte?


Juan Ramon

Experto:  Técnico Juan Ramón escribió hace 1 año.

ya que esta pregunta la respondió hace exactamente un tiempo atras un experto llamado ATLProg, mas no le he visto ultimamente



juan ramon

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I just need the question sent to be answered and complete
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I do not want remote assistance. I simply wish to have you answer the question I sent. Write the consoles asked in the questions.
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Someone needs to answer my question i am still waiting for a response
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We are going on 24 hours here without a response.
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if this is not done by today i will be demanding a refund. i paid for a response and have yet to get one. I am in need of a new "expert" and this needs to be done today
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I am still waiting for a reply.