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Fernando Cantalapiedra
Fernando Cantalapiedra, Abogado
Categoría: Legal
Clientes satisfechos: 32
Experiencia:  Ejerciendo desde hace cinco años
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This site is in Spanish and I cannot even understand it, please

Pregunta del cliente

This site is in Spanish and I cannot even understand it, please help me change the site back to english.
Enviada: hace 7 años.
Categoría: Legal
Experto:  Fernando Cantalapiedra escribió hace 7 años.
You can use the google translator and you'll have a very rough translation of what is written, as many questions on this website are in Spanish as the language of those who make them.

I recommend you try the translator and you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Cliente: escribió hace 7 años.
No that will not do. This site was all in English when I was asking veterinary questions, why is it now in Spanish. If we can not get this resolved I want to cancel my membership. I think it is because I live now in Mexico my IP address is Mexican but I am American. This is very frustrating. Do you have a just answer website in English?
Experto:  Fernando Cantalapiedra escribió hace 7 años.
Indeed the web has to change the language automatically depending on the place of connection as it comes directly from Spain in Spanish unless a person write in English as it is for you.

If you are not interested in the possibility of the translator I recommend that you contact directly with the administrators of the web to give you a solution. This is as far as I can help. Greetings
Experto:  Fernando Cantalapiedra escribió hace 7 años.
I give an email address of an administrator of this website that helped me when I needed to start as an expert on the web.
[email protected]