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I have erected glass curtains on my terrace and a glass retractable

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I have erected glass curtains on my terrace and a glass retractable roof but i didnt know there was such a thing as the statutes of the community as it was all in spanish which does not permit this. My husband spoke to our administrator who said if we went ahead with it and the community complained he would tell them if they take us to court they would lose. The administrator also spoke to the builders before carrying out the work as they explained everything involved in the new construction and he told them it was okay to go ahead. We were told by another administrator that because the glass curtains were framless and the roof opened ,no where in spain could we not be allowed to do this, so we went ahead. Now the community want to take us to court as the administrator is denying everthing. We have witnesses who were present when the builder spoke to the administrator. Can we if we are taken to court sue the administrator for not advising us that we were not to carry out such work on our terrace.? This has cost us 16,000 euro so we would not have done it if not allowed. Also the President was aware we were doing this and didnt try to stop us, as my husband wrote to both the administrator and the President at the administrators advice, but unfortunately we dont have anything in writing from them as they didnt reply. What do you think of our chances are of winning in court? The president wants us to pull all of it down, but many people like it and would like the same, as it hasnt changed the apperance of the building, only slightly as the new roof had to be raised for the water to run off. The glass curtains were to protect our young grandchildren when visiting, as we are on the third fllor in a penthouse and worried about them climbing up. I would appreciate it if you could please advise us what to do as we are very worried.
Thanking you
Mrs Yvonne Porter
Enviada: hace 6 años.
Categoría: Legal
Experto:  Abogado3044 escribió hace 6 años.



Spanish law says that you need to ask for the permit of the comunity first, before to put the windows.

If the comunity do not allow to put them, you could do anything to force the comunity.


If you need help about duobst of spanish law I could help you


Ths spanish law you need it is Ley de división de propiedad horizontal


Here you can get it translated into english