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Categoría: Legal
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Hello, do you speak English?
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Cliente: spain
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Cliente: Requiere advise on car lease determination contract

Hola buenos días Atiende José M Abogado

What´s the problem with the lease contract?

Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
Ok, we are construction company and leasing the van, at the moment we are issuing second time a problem with the van, it’s ( been proven) van has manufactured fault and will stay in the garage for couple of months, it’s causing us massive problems, the leasing company not giving us any solutions (other van, or money to rent another van ), stating it’s not in our contact, previously not long time ago, brand new van has other problem and stayed in the garage over a month, ( manufacturer fault again)we rented a van at own cost, leasing company promised to pay for it, at the end they didn’t, now we want to cancel the contract with this company, I need any advice what in our rights to do in this metter please
Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
I can send you a contact
Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
There should be something we can do in our right against this leasing company

Send me the contract yes

Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
I, give me few minutes


Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
Archivo adjunto (4351S6V)
Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
Let me know if you have a problem to open it
Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.

I am sorry to tell you that you have hired just the bought of the car and no more You have no hired the rent of it so you have no the right to get another unit as you need it as the one you bought is broken

You could sue the FIAT Company bot no the leasing company. Th result is not sure to be good enought

If I were you and I could I hire with a rent car lile Arval, Leaseplan, or another one what in case ot a broken unit they give you another one

In your case you got not this right


I will be here if neded

Please do not forget to rate my service at the starts

Thank you

Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
In case I want to cancel the contract?

You can no do that because it is not their fault the car is a bad unit Its FIAT fault

Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
But how much it will cost me to cancel it? This info should be on contract, please I just need a confirmation and figure

If you want to pay it you must ask them for the last bill and they will tell you with the fine to pay in advanced

Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
Ok, sorry but you didn’t answer my question, I found on contract and calculated myself ( but wanted you to confirm if I am right about the last figure)
Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
What we are paying a month said on the contract, plus the fine, I wanted you to confirm how much it would be, but you didn’t answer my question and I am asking this legal advice for reasons to make sure I read it right
Hello, I am preparing the answer to help you
I have review the contract, and I see a clause where you have the right to ask for another car if your car has a problem

it is clearly stablished

And your contract is a renting contract not a sale contract as stablish above

also it is clearly expresed that the company is the owner of the car

I have marked with highlighter the important clauses (from page 25)

Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
I know that we are renting
Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
My question is how much I will pay if I want to cancel this contract, based on monthly payment that is stated on the contract
Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
I calculated myself, and the reason I asking for legal advice is to confirm my rights and maybe there is something as a customer in the law I can use to avoid paying the massive fine to cancel this contract
Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
All the problems that the car had in the past is manufactured faults, but I cannot go to them as I have a contract with leasing company
Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
3 weeks we are going circle without any solutions, the garage saying there is other vans with same problem and waiting for the parts, but it could take months, but leasing company still expecting me to pay a monthly fees, for the can I don’t have

Ok sorry but I read above that you was told that there is a sale contract

Will analyse the cancellatiom for non fulfillment regarding the consumer law then

Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
Ok, I am a consumer who been affected in this case, the lease will have their monthly payment as usual and keep saying it’s not our fault, we can’t legally contact the FIAT and ask them to resolve this problem because we have a contract with leasing company, is their anything in the law to protect a customer rights, it’s sounds ridiculous that no one is responsible
Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
Do you understand what I mean?

Yes perfectly and I think that the responsible is the leasing company. I will send you through the day your rights acording the consumer law (sorry for the delay but I am at the moment in a trial with another client)

Cliente: escribió hace 15 días.
Thank you, ***** *****
I have found in a first sight some judicial sentences from spanish courts of cancellation of contracts for giving useless cars

Please could you inform me how much time have you been without using your car for the defaults?

Cliente: escribió hace 14 días.
Sorry for late reply, just come back from work, we without car full 3 weeks, this week 4th week
Cliente: escribió hace 14 días.
It’s second time we are without the car this year for manufacturing fault

Ok thank you, ***** ***** important for injury calculations

Please see the following judgement very similar to your case:

JUDGMENT They cancel the lease of a vehicle that was damaged for 5 months EDITORIAL (04/05/2006) The Court of First Instance number Seven of Córdoba has annulled a leasing contract for a vehicle, known as renting, after the car had been damaged for five months at the official dealer and was not repaired. The delegate in Córdoba of the Association of Financial Services Users (Ausbanc), Alvaro González--Astolfi, reported yesterday that the sentence also establishes the return to the lessee of the installments he paid during the time in which he could not use the vehicle for being in the workshop. The judicial resolution states that the lessor's, HBF Auto Renting SA, a Santander Group company, non-compliance with its obligations, by depriving the lessee of the use of the vehicle, entails the termination of the contract and the return of the installments paid during the months in that the vehicle was in the workshop without being able to use it, which amounts to 3,814 euros. González-Astolfi highlighted the "great importance" of this ruling, handed down last March, which includes Ausbanc's claims and which occurs in a sector, vehicle leasing, often for company fleets, of growing importance.

Categoría: Legal
Clientes satisfechos: 136
Experiencia: Expert
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