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Categoría: Ley de Inmigración
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Hi, I m a spanish citizen, I m planning to go to US to work

Pregunta del cliente

Hi, I´m a spanish citizen, I´m planning to go to US to work but the companies are asking me for an authorization to work? How can I do that without having a job offer jet?
As a spanish citizen I have the option of travilling with the Waiver visa. I have 90 days to stay in USA. Is it possible to change my visa status(Waiver) for one that is eligible to request a work permit or work visa or I have to come back to my country of origen to get it? Or with the Waiver program can I get a work permit?Where do I have to apply for the work permit(USA or Home country)?

Enviada: hace 6 años.
Categoría: Ley de Inmigración
Experto:  GSenmartin escribió hace 6 años.
You can use the Visa Waiver to enter the U.S. and look for a job, but you cannot change status within the U.S. That is not allowed on the Visa Waiver. So you would have to leave the U.S. in order for your prospective employer to petition for you. The employer would initiate the process in the U.S. and the file will be transferred to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your country. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I would be happy to answer them for you without additional charge, if not, please do not forget to click ACCEPT. That is the only way that I can get paid a small percentage of your deposit. If you do not click accept, the website gets all of your deposit and I get nothing. When you click accept, you are not charged again and we can continue to communicate without additional charge if you have a few follow-up questions. If you would like to request me in the future, just put my name on the subject line. Positive feedback for my service to you (not the state of the law as it is) is always appreciated as well as any bonus if you think I deserve it. Thank you.
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Cliente: escribió hace 6 años.
Thanks for you answer, but I still need to know if It would be better to apply for a student visa, search for a job and then ask for a work permit following a work visa. So, doing this I do not have to comback to my home country and the process should be "easier"
Experto:  GSenmartin escribió hace 6 años.
Yes, you can do that, but to get the F-1 student you will need to prove your intent to return home when you are done with your studies. If you get the F-1, you can come to the U.S., take classes and if you find a job, you can change status to that other status.
Cliente: escribió hace 6 años.
So What type of visa do you recommend in this case? or What do you think it should be the right thing to do?...I still can not apply online to some jobs because they ask me for a work permit not a work visa..
Experto:  GSenmartin escribió hace 6 años.

There really is no other visa I can recommend. Here is a link to all of them:




And unfortunately, most of those companies already want you to be legal so that they don't have to spend time and money to do it for you.

Cliente: escribió hace 6 años.
So those companies hire people who have worked before in another american company and have their papers in order?...Because I have heard that a one can apply for a work permit in the USA and then the company reviews ones professional profile and finally they apply for the Work visa, Am I right?
Experto:  GSenmartin escribió hace 6 años.
Some do, yes. But the company would probably still have to do paperwork with USCIS in order to transfer the person from the old company to the new company. Everything is done in order to protect the U.S. work market and it is even worse now. Why? Because there is high unemployment in the U.S. Many many U.S. workers are jobless. So USCIS is being very hard on work visas because they want the few jobs that are available to go to U.S. workers. So you will have a very hard time. I am truly sorry, but you can try.
Cliente: escribió hace 6 años.
UHm,,difficult times. So with the waiver I can not apply for a Application for Employment Authorization(EAD) right?
So I should apply with another visa(f for example) to apply for the EAD and then if I´m lucky changing my status to H1B1.This is my last question and with your answer I will "tip" you. Thanks Guillermo
Experto:  GSenmartin escribió hace 6 años.



I do not think you can tip me. That only happens at the beginning. But that's ok. Don't focus on the EAD. The EAD is only given out when someone has a status or is pending a status in USCIS. You have neither. Just find an employer and hopefully they are willing to go through the process.