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eduardolm, Licenciatura
Categoría: Ley Europea
Clientes satisfechos: 2015
Experiencia:  Licenciado en Derecho por la UDC. Escuela de Práctica Jurídica. Colegiado del Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de A Coruña 4541
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We spent 29,800 on a VW Toureg 19 months ago from the main

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We spent 29,800 on a VW Toureg 19 months ago from the main dealer in Gran Canaria. It had a 12 month guarantee. But the salesman was quite keen to tell us that nothing ever goes wrong with these cars. The engine is fantastic etc etc. We though we might have wear and tear problems but ours is the actual engine. During that time it had a lot of problems. 4 weeks ago the car wouldn't start. The VW dealer we first took it to said it had not seen anything like it. They had started the investigation (at a cost of 300 euros) and was convinced there was a major problem with the engine. They did not have the staff to fix it due to holidays and told us the remaining investigation could take up to a further 2 weeks for the full problem to be diagnosed. We could not wait so we transferred it to another VW dealer who carried out the rest of the inspection at a cost of some 800 euros. It turns out that one of the chains inside the engine, that the camshaft,pistons and valves rely on was slack. This problem has never been seen before by any of the mechanics or ever heard about. They cannot explain why this has happened and the manager of this garage (who was our previous mechanic at the original VW dealer and importer where we purchased the car) said that the garage we bought it from should do something for us as a sign of goodwill at least. All three chains are having to be replaced and the engine sent back to VW for major repair work. Having spent so much on the car (for which the garage are not obliged to tell us the previous history) we are now saddled with a costly repair bill of nearly 6000 euros. Our mechanic/manager has contacted VW direct but they said for the age of the car (now 5 years old) and the mileage - it has only done 114,000 kilometres, they could not help us. I have the quotations to hand if you want to see them. I am sorry we do not speak Spanish. Could you tell us if you think the original garage should help us - they must be hiding something about the history of this car! Or if we have any alternatives. In England it would be so easy to take the garage to court but because we are in Spain and personally do not speak the language we are unsure of the law.Perhaps you could suggest how we approach them. The manager of the garage doing the repairs is also going to contact them to ask if they will assist us. He really does think that they should pay something towards this cost as only they know the history of the car they have sold us. Thankyou

Dear customer,

I understand that you're talking about a product purchased secondhand.

In that case, the legal warranty is 1 year. It is a legal guarantee that accommodates the relevant regulations.

Regrettably, I believe there is no possibility of claiming, once after that time. Sorry for the bad faith of the seller. However, I think a lawsuit would be unsuccessful on termination of the warranty period.

I leave the legal reference:

General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws

Article 123. Deadlines.

1. The seller is responsible for the lack of conformity becomes apparent within two years from delivery. In the second-hand goods, the seller and the consumer and user may agree on a shorter period, which shall not be less than one year after delivery.

Unless proven otherwise, it is presumed that the lack of conformity which becomes apparent within six months after the delivery of the product, whether new or second hand, and when things were delivered, unless this presumption is incompatible with the nature of the product or the nature of the lack of conformity.

Sorry for my bad English

Best regards,

Estimado cliente,

Entiendo que usted me habla de un producto adquirido de segunda mano.

En ese caso, la garantía legal es de 1 año. Es una garantía legal que se acomoda a la normativa al respecto.

Lamentandolo mucho, yo considero que no existe posibilidad de reclamar, una vez transcurrido ese tiempo. Lamento la mala fé del vendedor. Sin embargo, creo que una reclamación judicial no prosperaría por extinción del plazo de la garantía.

Le dejo la referencia legal:


Artículo 123. Plazos.

1. El vendedor responde de las faltas de conformidad que se manifiesten en un plazo de dos años desde la entrega. En los productos de segunda mano, el vendedor y el consumidor y usuario podrán pactar un plazo menor, que no podrá ser inferior a un año desde la entrega.

Salvo prueba en contrario, se presumirá que las faltas de conformidad que se manifiesten en los seis meses posteriores a la entrega del producto, sea éste nuevo o de segunda mano, ya existían cuando la cosa se entregó, excepto cuando esta presunción sea incompatible con la naturaleza del producto o la índole de la falta de conformidad.

Lamento mi mal inglés,

Saludos cordiales,
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