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jalvarezg, Abogado de México
Categoría: Ley de México
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Experiencia:  Abogado titulado y con Cédula Profesional, litigante y consultor.
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My husband is getting married again in LA. I want to him to

Pregunta del cliente

My husband is getting married again in LA California (The United States). I want to him to be persecuted by bigamy and perjury in The US (since he is providing false information in a signed affidavit or signed certificate - marriage). He is also submitting an application to the immigration authorities to get a work permit when the marriage certificate may be nule. What is the best way to ask the authorities to investigate these crimes? I know they are not major crimes, what I shoudl do in order to get him processed in the US due to the fact that he is getting married over there? I got married with him 10 years ago in Mexico, and he is getting married in two days in LA US under a confidential marriage.
Enviada: hace 6 años.
Categoría: Ley de México
Experto:  Lic. Catarino Ibarra Almazan escribió hace 6 años.

Hello that such

order to constitute this crime must marry her husband again until you do not cometdo the crime, if you can consguir information on where you marry, you can make a nullity of marriage and again be prosecuted for that offense in bigamy.

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Atte. Catarino lawyer Ibarra Almazan

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Experto:  jalvarezg escribió hace 6 años.

In the United States, Bigamy is seldom prosecuted, unless it is part of a fraudulent scheme to get another's property or some other felony; as in this case.

Local laws should be consulted, but the easiest way is to contact the person He us getting married to, and tell her She is getting married to a bigamist and have a judge declare the marriage void and seek to have criminal charges filed against the bigamist.

The other thing you can do, as the first wife, is to go to the criminal authorities in Mexico and file a lawsuit against your husband. If they find him guilty, he could serve a time in prison, and that sentence could prove the fraud against the USA immigration office.


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jalvarezg, Abogado de México
Categoría: Ley de México
Clientes satisfechos: 51
Experiencia: Abogado titulado y con Cédula Profesional, litigante y consultor.
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Experto:  Lic. Felipe Ramírez escribió hace 6 años.
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