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Jorge Negrete
Jorge Negrete, Abogado de México
Categoría: Ley de México
Clientes satisfechos: 1147
Experiencia:  Abogado con mas de 20 años de experiencia en litigio y docencia
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,My name is***** I have been living in Rosarito

Pregunta del cliente

, My name is***** have been living in Rosarito Mexico, past year. This question has to deal with renter law in Mexico. I moved out of my last apartment in Sept 2014. Since that point, I have not received my security deposit because of an issue pertaining to the top of our stove. We have an electric stove with a glass stove top. Sometime in my time there, something must have been dropped near the corner of the stove top. This resulted in a crack roughly 2-3 inches in length on the corner of the stove top. This crack did not affect its functionality whatsoever. My previous landlords are trying to charge me $600 USD to repair the top. In my personal opinion, its seems like an exorbitant amount of money to have a piece of glass replaced. Personally, I think my landlords are trying to take advantage of the situation. I was wondering if I have any other renter rights here. , could I find my own repair and replacement service to take care of the crack? Would my landlords have to accept as long as it meets proper replacement condition? Could I buy a new stove of similar make, model, style, and year? Do I have any other legal options to remedy this problem? I would definitely understand in the repair would cost 200-300 dollars but in my mind $600 Dollars seems way to unjustifiable. Thanks time. James

Enviada: hace 3 años.
Categoría: Ley de México
Experto:  Jorge Negrete escribió hace 3 años.


you have the right to repair the stove o to pay reparations, and if you whant you can buy a new one of the same make and model and replace it.


and the landlord has to accept this, he can only keep the deposit if you fail to do otherwise


if the landlord is not willing to do this, you will have to go to PROFECO and place a complaint against the landlord so you can get your deposit back