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My wife is 28 weeks pregnant. The fetus has been in a low horizontal

Pregunta del cliente

My wife is 28 weeks pregnant. The fetus has been in a low horizontal position for most of the pregnancy. This week she has turned to in vertical position head down. The doctor took a measurement of the cervical length today. The first measurement gave 2.4cm. The doctor said the baby was moving a lot so he decided to repeat the measurement 30 minutes later. The new measurement was 1.8cm. Our questions:

1. Can the cervical length change so much in such a short time? Is it something to be concerned about?
2. We were supposed to go on a short trip next week. The trip would involve a four hour flight and sightseeing and walking. Is it advisable?
Enviada: hace 6 años.
Categoría: Medicina
Experto:  cesar_med escribió hace 6 años.
Hello, how are you? will gladly help you with your question

it is not possible for a cervicometria (measurement of the length of the cervix) change so much in two different measured in a short time, I recommend you return to make another cervicometria ..
it is probablyt there was a bad measurement of cervicometria.

his wife performed a cervicometria, the cervicometria measured the length of the cervix, when a woman has less than 25 mm cervicometria, there is a high probability of having a preterm delivery in the next week

the cervical length of your wife was 24 mm in the first measurement and 18 mm in the second measurement, both measurements are risky for her to have a preterm delivery within 7 days. I recommend you not take to travel, you can not travel, your wife have to rest in bed, she does not should walking, you have to see a gynecologist and valued before going to home,

I recommend you go to a gynecologist


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I would like an english speaking doctor. For some reason I always get the Spanish site.
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