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MichaelBejarano, Médico
Categoría: Medicina
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Good evening Drs, May i know what causes my pigmentation on

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Good evening Drs,
May i know what causes my pigmentation on my cheeks? It started when i came here in Spain,year 2008 and its spreading little by little on my face. Some says its because of the sun,but i've been under the sun since i was young. Some says,its because of the contraceptive pills that i am taking in sometimes but not all year round,i just take the pills when my menstruation is not normal,i am now 48 anyway..What would be the best remedy to stop the spreading or to lessen the color because it looks very bad.
Thanks a lot ...more power!
Hello!. It's a placer for me to answer ur question. What you describe can be a solar effect from the poor ozone cover above Europe. The contraceptive pills has nothing to do with skin problems or skin pigmentation. If the problem is growing this days can be because when you were a kid ur skin was better protected from solar burn, while you grown up the skin has less fat and less protection against sun and elementes causing this burns than grow with time. I recommend you to use solar protection with a hat and Solar Protection Factor (SPF) 90 - 95 everyday in and outdoors and skin creme with colagen to humect and protect the skin from damage of sun, pollution and dust. This is basic to take care from the sun and to heal the skin with some time. It will take time. Maybe facial care in a spa monthly can help too, the main idea is to bring youth to the skin to help it repair alone. I hope i solved your question.
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