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MichaelBejarano, Médico
Categoría: Medicina
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A 87 year old friend was diagnosed with Guillum Barre syndrome

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A 87 year old friend was diagnosed with Guillum Barre syndrome several years ago and fortunately recoveredd well. 4 years ago she had a major intestinal operation with removal of part . She was very weak after the operation and bed-ridden for several months. Neurology problems reoccurred and she lost most of the feeling in the legs. After some time she could walk slowly, with little feeling in the lower leg and feet but over the past 3 months this worsened and she now uses a wheelchair. Rehabilitation was not offered when she left hospital. At this stage, could rehab be beneficial even to regain some feeling and use of the legs? She is a strong-minded and alert person with a positive attitude.

Thank you....Petrina
Hi, its a placer for me to answer ur question.

Guillian Barré syndrome is a nervous disease produced for inmunitary components. his disease is critical when appears and can be treated with inmunoglobulins.

At this time your friend is old for a total rehab, but her hability to walk can be really improved with physical rehabilitation. There is a lot of types for physical rehabilitation, i recommend you physical and neurological rehabilitation with electric estimulation and nervous transmision test periodicaly. I really see u care abouth your friend's health so to look for a godd rehabilitation center should be easy in Spain, and there are centers than can send a medic or instructor to home.

I hoped you get better. Please cualify the answer. See you soon.
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Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
On my advice she has seen her local medico today here in Tenerife but I have not heard her comments yet. Your reply confirms with what I thought could happen. Will tell her about your comments. Tku for your help.