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Pablo Rodríguez
Pablo Rodríguez, Licenciatura
Categoría: Medicina
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Experiencia:  Médico adjunto de Servicio de Urgencias Hospitalarias. Consulta de Medicina Familiar y Comunitaria
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I am Helen an English woman living in Spain, at 76 I amweighed

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I am Helen an English woman living in Spain, at 76 I amweighed down by an animal parasite infection for over 4 years. No one wants to help except one marine parasitologist who says I have pentastomida and now I am seriously colonised he cant bear to chat about the condition. Some say I do not have pentastomida but dont know what I have. I have sought help and managed to get some Albendazole which helps also I take a natural garlic extract of Allicin, produced in the U.k.
I am a child of Padre Pio and believe that I will be cured even taking in the energy from the very thought of Christ. My friend says you have a hospital at Pamploma. I live at San Fulgencio, Nr Alicante 03177. I note you do not have a parasitologist but still you may be able to help me, I have a transplanted kidney from my husband and thus take Immune suppressants for the past 13 years. Do you have anyone who can direct me to the medical support I need and/or the spiritual source of healing.
Thank you for listening,
Helen Bevin.
e mail:[email protected]
Hi dear Ms. Bevin. In fact you need a complete set of studies to check if you have a parasite infection or another kind of illness. In Pamplona there is one of the best hospitals in Spain, you can contact them in:


There you have complete contact information in english. They have also a great spiritual source of love and healing so you will be really comfortable there.

Hope it helps you and if you like it please be so kind to rate with one of the smilies faces :)

With my best regards, XXXXX XXXXX
Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.

Dear Dr Rodriguez, thank you for replying in English. As I am a renal transplant patient I have blood test every few months. The records show that when I first had the infection from a cafe in Adeje Teneriffe I had perfect kidney results. Thereafter the kidney function deteriorated as did the diabetic function. As each new infection reproduced the figures for the kidney function and the diabetes worsened. Each year I had many surface haematomas with the internal bites. Theses spread with each reproduction and in September 2011 Dr Mac Kenzie the marine parasitologist advising me unofficially, said I was colonised.

I started some Allimed garlic extract firstly in capsules then in liquid and finally in strong liquid. I had the MRI in June 2012 and this showed the calicified cysts in the kidneys new and old, and a few in the pancreas . Those in the liver remained. I still felt much activity in the pancreas and bowel so started Albendazole 2 x 400 mg daily. This and the Allimed improved the kidney function to 40 percent but quickly it fell after 5 weeks of Bronchitis. I feel I have improved by cutting the potassium where possible and expect betert results from the test I am having this week at Alicante Hospital. Despite all the infomation, test results, haematomas etc my Nephrologist chose not to recognise the parasites and his superior, on finding out the neglect says he doesnt want to be involved. I believe that I have managed to combine the two drugs Allimed and Abendazole to have a reasonable deteriorating effect on the parasites now living in my legs,.pelvic floor, bowel, abdomen, arms and neck!. I apply the garlic to the external skin signs of damage in order to double the effect.

I have applied to Hospital Juan Carlos III at Madrid and spoken to Dra Mercedes Subirats who was most interested and was au fait with the chinese successful treatment of a 3 yearold with acute infection of papenrastodmida. Unfortunately her consultant did not want to take the case. My local doctor and a doctor from Torrevieja hospital applied for me to go privately to Juan Carlos III but with no response. I do have an SIP card so I should be able to be transferred within the system BUT The lady at Torrevieja office said they do not have the money and as there is no known cure they wouldn´t send me.!


It appears that my age is against me and the circumstances of the economic system are such that an age line has to be drawn. I am not rich but could have paid for medications and a short stay in hospital to carry out a major attack on the problem. The Doctors from China have offered to guide my doctors on the treatment if they can poduce samples from the pancreas. My private hospital doctor says its too risky and supported my request for Albendazole.

Time has passed on and I have done my best to control the intrusion in my body but feel perhaps higher doses are needed via drip to finish the intrusion attacks. I cant belioeve that I will be allowed to die from this terriblee parasite but it appears I have these trials to cope with. I believe it is necessary for me to see an experienced person in human infection of animal parasites. And the hand of GOD. who I think is guiding me,.

Thank you for you kind help, I have been searching since May 16th 2008 when I was first infected. Dr Ken Mackenzie recognised the symptoms from research carried out by his friend. But no one contacts him or listens to him either,

If you want I can give you his e mail as he has followed this for 2 years. E mail: [email protected] He will speak in English not Spanish.

My needs are simple, an experienced medical specialist in parasitology to finally diagnose this condition and a course of treatment to eradicate this intrusion.


About me: I am a analyst and systems designer of quality sytems in the manufacture of computers and engineering in general.

I am a qualified teacher of Rural and Environmental Studies in the U.K. I have a diploma in Advanced Psychotherapy and when well, am a Reiki Master Healer. I have a dear kind husband, a daughter in the u,k. and a granddaugter here in Spain who with her partner has just given me a beautiful Great Grand child who I dare not cuddle or kiss in the event of me being infectious. Richard my, husband is well and obviously has a good immune system. My immune system is low and lowered further by Immuno suppressants Tacrolimus each day..




Helen Bevin

Hi Helen, I´m really sorry you are having so much suffering with this parasite. I had my studies in the CUN (www.cun.es) and I dón´t know the name of the speacialist who´s in charge at this moment at the infectous diseases department.

But what I can assure you is that in that hospital they treat the person.. nor the symptons neither the results of some tests... they will check you from all perspectives and will give you the best of the treatments, so I recommend you to make an appoiment there, I think you will have a nice experience.

I´m no expert in the medical problem you have.. is so strange that I can´t give you a serious medical opinión... so sorry to tell you that but I think you knew it and you were searching for a nice place to get a the best info about your medical problem.

Please contact Clinica Universitaria de Navarra, they will help you.

With my best regards XXXXX XXXXX if you think I helped you and you liked chattin with me mark with a positive rating (smiliey face).

Hope you get better soon or at least not worse.

Dr. Rodriguez.
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