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Dr Ismael Maldonado
Dr Ismael Maldonado, Médico
Categoría: Medicina
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Can i talk with a urologist? For 2 months, No, i just

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Can i talk with a urologist?
JA: ¿Desde cuándo ocurren los síntomas que te preocupan?
Customer: For 2 months
JA: ¿Tomas alguna medicación de forma regular?
Customer: No, i just started 5 htp I have foamy urine, dark circles under my eyes,very tired, i think i have acute kidney injury
JA: ¿Hay algún otro detalle que crees que el médico debería saber?
Customer: Yes but does it stay between us?
Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
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Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
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Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
about 2 months ago i took an illegal drug, mdma. I put it in a cigarette paper and swallowed it, and i didn't feel anything. As this was happening, i started overheating and sweating a lot. I then continued to do more because i didn't feel anything, and felt the effects of the other times. maybe 7 hours later, i noticed something like a drop in my kidneys, there was foamy urine. I have been fatigued and tired ever since, and i dont think it is the comedown of the drug. i ha

Do you speak Spanish?

Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
I am learning, but no
Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
Not very well. I can send you my blood test results

I'm sorry but I can't answer you by phone due to technical problems but I'm still here in the chat. Don't worry, you won't be charged for the call if it doesn't go through. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact***@******.***

Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
If possible, I would rather speak with a urologist perhaps about acute kidney injury and my blood results? They were all in normal ranges but still high

I think your symptoms are more due to withdrawal from stopping taking the drug, but do you have any recent analysis?

Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
i am trying to send them but i don't know how through here, did the phone call not work? Can i call you?
Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
Glucosa (Q+)....................... 4,87 mmol/L [ 4,1 - 5,9 ]
87,66 mg/dL [ 73,8 - 106,2 ]
Urea (Q+).......................... 8,08 mmol/L [ 3,2 - 8,2 ]
48,53 mg/dL [ 19,22 - 49,25 ]
Creatinina (Q+).................... 88,71 umol/L [ 61,9 - 114,9 ]
1,00 mg/dL [ 0,7 - 1,3 ]
Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
Sodio (Q+)......................... 140,00 mmol/L [ 136 - 145 ]
140,00 mEq/L [ 136 - 145 ]
Potasio (Q+)....................... 4,80 mmol/L [ 3,5 - 5,1 ]
4,80 mEq/L [ 3,5 - 5,1 ]

you can put a copy in Dropbox and leave the link here

Ok, thanks

Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
Ok please give me one moment

kidney function is measured by urea and creatinine and both are normal. you do not have a kidney failure problem.

Dr Ismael Maldonado y otros otros especialistas en Medicina están preparados para ayudarle
Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
I can send them now
Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.

I have asked your permission to see the photos

Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
is this you on the phone? no one is saying anything

you have received an email to allow me to see the photos

Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
there you go
Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
i am also worried because why would my urea levels be so high, why does my urine have protein all of a sudden, and it could be a prerenal cause in that case acute kidney injury might not show up as damage on an ultrasound? also my creatine levels indicate I would have an eGFR of 98. That is low for someone like me who is an athlete

I have seen the results, the kidney function is absolutely normal and all I see is that you could have caught the Epstein Barr virus infection that causes a sore throat, general malaise and muscle aches. the rest of the analysis is normal. infection with this virus could explain your symptoms. it is already healing because the IgM is going down and the IgG is high. do not worry. okay?

Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
Ok. The epstein barr virus infection was from a long time ago, so that is fine

ok, well then the blood and urine test is absolutely normal

Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
Are you positive it is normal? I have purple, dark inner eye circles, some erectile disfunction and problem with impotence etc. Why are the potassium levels and urea levels so high do you think?
Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
I tend to be very thirsty all of the time

levels are in normal range. the symptoms that you have are due to the dependence caused by the drugs and it is quite a psychological cause

Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
Ok, definitely? Are you saying I am dependent on the drug? It is something I have only done 3 times. Then again I will never do it again, but yeah.

If you have only taken drugs on a few occasions, you cannot be dependent. then it could be all psychological

Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
Ok. What are your thoughts on the fact that my eGFR is 98 and I am a 23 year old? Shouldn't it be closer to being higher? like 115, 120?

Absolutely normal

Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
could the psychological impact be a reason why I am so tired all the time, and that I have really big and dark eye circles?
Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
why do you think there are bubbles, or that my urine is foamy?

Yes, I think so. I don’t know but the urine test is normal

Cliente: escribió hace 6 días.
ok then thank you

You are wellcome