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Dr. Navas Benavides
Dr. Navas Benavides, Doctor en Medicina - Cirujano General y Videolaparoscopista - Médico Cirujano de Emergencia.
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please help, I am in Nicaragua and three weeks ago suffered

Pregunta del cliente

please help, I am in Nicaragua and three weeks ago suffered from what a doctor told me was a silmutanious bacterial (e-coli) and parisitic infection (amoebas). My symptoms included fever, nausia, and vomiting following a week of increasingly bad diarrea and lower abdominal cramps. He prescribed Ciprofloxina 500mg (every 12hrs for 5days) and an anti-parasitic drug (twice a day for 2 days) that he assured me was wide used and safe. I felt much better after completing the cycle then began traveling again, I devoloped what I percieved to be a Urinary Tract infection, due to intense sensations that I had to urinate and a very painful sensation after I had, and a throbbing sensation around the external areas of my ureathrea. I bought more Cipro. I took it for three days and stopped when the symptoms stopped as I was worried that it was depleting my body of all of the helpful bacteria I needed and also I thought the intial cycle of Cipro had helped me to contract the UTI. That was one week and a half ago. three days ago I started getting lingering pain and sensitivity in my lower right side of my back and lower abdomen along with swelling and slight fever, I also was on my menstrual cycle so i took Panadol Blue (acetometaphine) to reduce the pain and fever. I also took onc Cipro because i thought it my help but only took one because i had no acess to information about overdose or taking it too much. I now have sever pain in what I percieve to be my kidneys and lower abdomen combined with a high fever and night chills, and spontanious shaking episodes, I also suffered muscle cramps in my lower legs last night. I took a Cipro Last night at Midnight and am planning on taking another at noon today, I took some acetometaphine to break my fever last night but it has ret urned along with the chills and cramps. Should I continue taking it? I am not in a place where I can seek competant health care. Please Help, Elizabeth
Enviada: hace 6 años.
Categoría: Medicina General
Experto:  Pablo Rodríguez escribió hace 6 años.
Hi Elizabeth, in my opinion there is a serious risk of pielonephritis (renal parenquima infection), couse the back pain and fever.

It´s important you visit an emergency room in an hospital couse you will need intravenous antibiotics. If you can´t acces competant health care you at least need intramuscular injections of ceftriaxone 2 grams once per day lasting 5 days. You can continue takin acetaminophen 1 gram 3 times a day but if you get worst you need serious medical care attention.

Greetings and hope you get better Elizabeth.
Experto:  Dr. Navas Benavides escribió hace 6 años.
Hello, will be glad to help with my answers. Hoping that your health is the best, let me be part of the solution to your problem.

I regret his condition, and that the place where compentent can not be helped.

The initial problem that must take into account is the high probability of a urinary tract infection, very common in women. The second is that has taken an antibiotic in an irregular manner, and this may predispose to resistance of bacteria to treatment that attempts to use. The third is that in his case, what is needed is to have a urine culture, and based on the results indicate the best antibiotic that adheres to the place where you are.

Initially I would suggest, continue to take acetaminophen, but one gram every 6 hours if possible. If you can access diclofenac ideally take 50 milligrams every 8 hours instead of acetaminophen, as desinflama, the fever and relieve pain, acetaminophen only prevents the fever rises, and pain relief with less force than diclofenac.

Do not take ciprofloxacin, trimetroprin/
sulfamethoxazole start with, only after giving a urine sample for culture. The drug also can be purchased at the pharmacy in Nicaragua with the name "Cotrimoxazole" or "trimetroprim sulfamethoxazole" as a trade name or generic. Beware, if you are allergic to sulfa drugs, do not take. The dose should be one tablet (160 mg/800 mg) every 12 hours, initially for 5 days to have response from the urine culture. Then, if the culture is positive, and antibiotic-sensitive bacteria mentioned, then continue the treatment up to 10 days.

If more questions, keep asking. The important thing is not to suffer a complication of inadequate treatment.