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sebastian manrique
sebastian manrique, Mecánico
Categoría: Mitsubishi
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Where is the fuel pump test connector in montero sport 2009

Pregunta del cliente

Where is the fuel pump test connector in montero sport 2009 k96w?Under the hood in fire wire cable rack I see:
- single connector with white cable on drivers side.
- quad connector with 4 cables on passenger side with blue wire, black wire, brown wire, blue/yellow wire.Cheers
Enviada: hace 10 meses.
Categoría: Mitsubishi
Experto:  Experto José escribió hace 10 meses.

Hola, mi nombre es José Manuel. Bienvenido a JustAnswer. Estoy revisando su pregunta. Le respondo con detalle lo antes posible.

Experto:  Experto José escribió hace 10 meses.

Do you speak spanish?

Cliente: escribió hace 10 meses.
Hello, no I do not speak Spanish but can use Google translate if I must. Thank you
Experto:  Experto José escribió hace 10 meses.

Ok. Thanks.

Cliente: escribió hace 10 meses.
Can't do phone call as have no phone reception neat car at all.
Experto:  Experto José escribió hace 10 meses.


You can take a picture of the connector and send it to this conversation screen, please

Experto:  Experto José escribió hace 10 meses.


Experto:  Experto José escribió hace 10 meses.

I was looking in my documents for the information you requested, but I do not have it. I will proceed to release the query so that another expert can assist you.


Experto:  Juan Ramón Soto Gtz. escribió hace 10 meses.

well. my name is Juan


Set your meter to DC Volts, low range (if multiple ranges).
Ground one lead to the battery negative post.

Locate the fuel pump test connector, the single wire connector taped up on the firewall. If there is more than one test connector there, it is the one with the black/white stripe wire.

Place the other meter lead in this connector, then crank the engine. Do you see battery voltage on your test meter while cranking.

2.-Please go to the passenger kick panel and locate the fuel pump relay. It is behind the kick panel right next to the MFI relay. They look the same, so identify them by the wire colors. You want the relay with colors as follows:
1) Black/White
2) White/Red
3) Black/White
4) Black/white

Unplug this relay
Turn the key to On
Ground your meter to a good metal ground nearby
Use the other lead of the meter to probe the pin sockets of the relay connector

How many terminals have voltage?

3.-Now connect your leads between coil 12V and the red/white wire, then measure the voltage while cranking.

4.-Thanks. So you are seeing a ground signal from the PCM it sounds like.

Please do the following:

Reinstall the fuel pump relay
Connect one meter lead to a good chassis ground.
Connect the other meter lead to the back side of the relay on the load output wire (the black/white wire that did not have 12V)
Crank the engine and monitor the reading.... do you have 12V?




Cliente: escribió hace 10 meses.
Photo of 4 cable connector on passenger side of engine bay. No black/white wire
Experto:  Juan Ramón Soto Gtz. escribió hace 10 meses.

ok . with comes or not. but we have four wire we can chek each one if we have voltag or omhms. this is fire wire. not aways we can see a white wire.

just a moment please let me see

Experto:  sebastian manrique escribió hace 9 meses.

Hello dear customer, i am Jose Sebastian and i want to help you with your query.

Dear customer, i would like to know what exactly problem do you have? and what and do you want to check? i did not understand pretty well your query and what the previus experts did they tell you.
Thank you.

Cliente: escribió hace 9 meses.
I just need to test power to the fuel pump. So which wire is the test connector?
Experto:  sebastian manrique escribió hace 9 meses.

I apologize for the delay, i am currently on a trip.
the pump connector you need to check how many wires it has, and put a tester or multimeter, and turn the key, one cable must have 12V another 5V and the others are masses, if the connector is two wires there are only 12V and masses.
You should test one cable at a time.