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pedrovet, Veterinario
Categoría: Perros
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Hi. I Own an American Staffordshire mix of 3 years, we bought

Pregunta del cliente

I Own an American Staffordshire mix of 3 years, we bought and raised him in Spain.
Under the circumstances we need to move back to the England, and was wondering how to get him back legally. He lives with 5 other dogs, and we have NEVER had a problem with aggression, with people or with other animals.

I have done plenty of research on DANGEROUS DOGS UK. and i know we will have problems getting him into the UK. But is there anyway we can get him assessed in spain or in England without the risk of him being seized?

As much information and advice you can give would be much appreciated.

Kind regards
Chloe Salt
Enviada: hace 5 años.
Categoría: Perros
Experto:  Ldo Alejandro escribió hace 5 años.
Hola, quiero ayudarte con mi experiencia,hago clínica diaria y mi respuesta es personalizada a tu caso, no dudes en pedir aclaraciones si lo necesitas.

Buenas tardes,

Hablas español?

Experto:  Javier escribió hace 5 años.
¡¡Bienvenido a Justanswer!!
Hello, good afternoon.
I can advise you of what legally is required to travel to England and requirements that may need the dog here in Spain (which may be the same or not in England).
The proper thing would be you would call the British Embassy here in Spain and wonder why all the requirements.
Normally, you need:
- EU pet passport
- Against internal and external BETWEEN 24-48 HOURS BEFORE THE TRIP
With this, you can usually travel to England.
I do not think they ask for more, but be sure to call the embassy.
Hope that helped and guided and if so, ACEPTES my answer.
Regards XXXXX XXXXX luck,
Experto:  pedrovet escribió hace 5 años.
Hi ! my name is Pedro

All the information that you can need you can find in this link :


If you need other kind of information you can request me. I hope help you

Experto:  traumavetchiva escribió hace 5 años.

Hello,nice to meet you on line.The only thing you need to travel to england is the passport with the rabies vaccination and desparasitation from worms and ticks on correct date.Now you don't need the rabies test since January of this year.

If you didn't have any problem until now with him you don't need another papers.If you want to be surer, you could make in your vet a certificate of behaviour,but is not requiered to entry to UK.

If you have any question,please,ask me what you need.

and push to ACEPTAR if you agree my response.

thanks you for all and nice to meet you again

Experto:  pedrovet escribió hace 5 años.
Hello again.

If you have any further questions would be willing to solve it. I would appreciate if you agree to accept any response as a% of deposit received and made ​​and will not cause additional cost

pedrovet, Veterinario
Categoría: Perros
Clientes satisfechos: 810
Experiencia: Licenciado en Veterinaria
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