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pedrovet, Veterinario
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I have inherited a 7 year old female dog off my daughter.

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I have inherited a 7 year old female dog off my daughter. She is chihuahua cross with another small dog? and is very sensitive. She was bleeding last week (period) and she was whimpering and in pain. My daughter told me she had taken her to see vets in the past and they told her it was similar to a woman and that her ovaries are higher in the body and to give her 1/3 paracetemol. I have only given her this in the mornings. She has no temperature, is eating and drinking and going to the toilet normally but she is not running around, just walking and being very quiet. She is struggling to jump on my bed and waits for me to pick her up and put her down. She normally tuns and jumps at high speed. As this is a week I think I should take her to the vet later today. Is this normal. My daughter said it has lasted a week before but I am worried now. Thanks
Dear customer.
My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with the problem presented her Chihuahua,
When a dog is bleeding from the vulva and not well indicated in these cases is perform a scan to rule out an infection in her uterus called pyometra.
This infectious disease is a problem triggered by a hormonal disorder. Due to the severity of the disease have to discard it as soon as possible.
In addition paracetamol is not one of the anti-inflammatory eleeción for dogs, is more in certain doses can be toxic.
For all this, my advice is to see your vet so they can do tests.
I hope I helped, if so I would appreciate my answer positively valorase
A greeting and Bambi better soon
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Thanks for your review, very friendly.
I remind you that we have seven days to communicate through this page. If you want to share the evolution of Bambi or have further questions I will be happy to help.
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